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See how TriNet is taking care of our clients’ HR needs so they can make incredible possible.

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“We want happy employees. We want them to have the right benefits. And we want to do it in the easiest way, both for the employee and for the company, and TriNet allows us to do that. It allows us to stay focused on our customers.”

Ben Weintraub, Founder & CEO

“TriNet has been a great collaborator in building out comprehensive and competitive contribution structures that our entire team has enjoyed. And we've seen an incredible response in recruiting efforts and employee retention, and we're very proud of what we can offer our team today.”

Michael Hong, Chief Executive Officer

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Deepa Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Weintraub, Founder & CEO

Michael Hong, Chief Executive Officer

Whitney Loy, Chief Executive Officer

José A. Quiñonez, CEO

Bob Starr, Vice President, Human Resources