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20-99 Employees


San Jose, CA

An AI technology company focused on leveraging the power of data needed a customer-first PEO that provided access to benefits for a primarily remote team across North America.

TriNet provides iMerit with the platform, customer service, and access to benefits that they need to manage and support their team in the U.S. and Canada without requiring additional resources.

I would not be able to manage payroll, day-to-day HR needs and compliance in 20 different states with nearly 100 people without the support of TriNet.”
Leading AI data annotation and solutions

A leader in AI data solutions, iMerit provides high-quality data services, including enrichment and annotation, to improve machine learning and provide actionable output. While originally founded to annotate data in a manner that AI models could understand, iMerit has grown to offer technology-based solutions and industry expertise as well.

Their end-to-end data annotation platform, Ango Hub, introduces purpose-built applications designed to help key industries leverage data to accelerate their development. iMerit maintains ISO and SOC certifications which require stringent processes and documentation. Plus, iMerit employs subject matter experts in healthcare, mapping, automotive technology and agriculture across the U.S. and Canada to help provide further support and expertise to their clients.

Seeking service for their clients and their people

Originally founded overseas, iMerit identified a need for an established workforce and facilities in the United States to meet clients where they were. Initially, they used another large PEO to help manage their North American team; however, that PEO’s service and cost did not align with iMerit’s business needs. With a growing company and leadership prioritizing open communication inside and out, iMerit needed a PEO that provided the technology, expertise, and customer service they needed to support their culture and their widespread team.

Finding transparency with TriNet

From the beginning, more transparent pricing and the quality of TriNet customer service stood out to iMerit. With a team of nearly one hundred when they first onboarded, they needed to know that everything worked correctly and that their workforce all had access to benefits that worked for them, regardless of where they lived. Previously, they needed a supplemental benefits vendor to meet the needs of their distributed team, but TriNet provided them access to have everything in one place.

Day-to-day HR responsibilities have become much easier for managing their employees in Canada and in the U.S., especially with the various support areas that TriNet offers. Employees can get quick answers to payroll and benefits questions thanks to the 24/7 TriNet chat, cutting questions to the internal iMerit team in half. And, with established processes and automation, like reminder emails for benefits elections and more, TriNet makes it possible for their department of two to manage questions, payroll, benefits, people operations and more across twenty states, without adding to their footprint.

Maintaining compliance is key, especially with so many of their colleagues being remote and widespread. Shrijata Basu Saha, Director of Global HR, says, “I just sleep better knowing that we are covered in every state, including California, and that TriNet is supporting us in navigating compliance.”

The built-in reporting capabilities in the TriNet platform have also been useful, in addition to continued learning and education made available in the platform. Shrijata has found various client webinars to be really helpful as well, covering real topics that speak to her current challenges and needs.

And, Shrijata enjoys engaging in the exclusive online TriNet customer community, The Wing, where she can learn more about key HR topics and TriNet offerings while engaging with likeminded professionals in the community who can understand her experience with people management. “I just love it. It’s not overwhelming with information but having a community of people who use the same technology to speak with really does help.”

I love the TriNet dashboard and reporting capabilities. And it's pretty easy and intuitive to use.”
Leveraging efficiencies for growth

iMerit has found the platform and service to exceed their previous provider, with so many options and services included in one cost-effective price. Plus, the access to benefits and the full-service nature of TriNet helps them recruit and retain employees, with access to impressive, quality benefits options that iMerit would not otherwise have been able to afford on their own. “We want to make sure our benefits are world-class, and TriNet helps us to do that”, notes Shrijata. “Access to benefits is something that sets TriNet apart as a PEO.”

Looking to the future

iMerit has moved beyond only data annotation to more specialized technology services that leverage AI. This growth will require both temporary employees and an increase in staffing. They are confident that with the support of TriNet they can meet any scaling needs that arise. Shrijata notes that “I love having somebody I can trust, somebody who has my back and helps ensure we’re going in the right direction and that our people and our company are covered.”

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