Payroll Tax Compliance Manager

Payroll Tax Compliance Manager services are designed for businesses that need more than just support. Our experts will assist with jurisdiction set-ups, retroactive filings, jurisdiction recoveries, and ongoing compliance monitoring for your business.

Outsourced Expert Compliance Assistance
Stay up to date
Align with current tax standards and requirements
Specific to your business
Receive personalized payroll tax support
Comply with confidence
Cover your basic compliance needs

Payroll Tax Compliance Manager services include but are not limited to:

Register federal, state, or local payroll tax accounts
Update federal, state, or local payroll tax information within the TriNet HR Platform
Closure of inactive Payroll Tax accounts
Recovery of Payroll Tax Account information and/or portal access
Verify Third Party Administrator Access is granted to TriNet HR Platform
Active monitoring for active payroll tax jurisdiction accounts
Monitoring of workforce changes requiring new jurisdiction accounts
Monitoring of any regulatory changes to applicable payroll tax jurisdictions
Notify employers of any required payroll tax compliance actions
Verify Third Party Administrator Access is granted to HR Platform
Retro filing for out of compliant jurisdictions
Filing corrections if previous provider unable to assist
And more!

How does Payroll Tax Compliance Manager work with the HR Platform?

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