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Add a Dedicated Team of HR Professionals to Your Roster
Do HR... with help
Built for companies that want full control of their HR and maintain their employer of record status, but just need a little help with administrative tasks. Want to join a PEO? Click here!
Works natively with HR Platform
HR Plus is an extension of our HR Platform product—meaning you (and your outsourced team) have access to the same cloud-based HR technology backbone and all your workforce data.
Cheaper than an in-house HR manager
Even the highest-tier services offering is still, on average, $94,000 cheaper than hiring in house. For some, this makes sense. 

Three Levels of HR Plus Service Options

*Levels of service vary based on product selection

HR Manager

HR Manager is our top-level service option.

This is the option to choose for companies that really want to outsource most—if not all—of their HR operations and want to remain the employer of record. The responsibilities of your HR Manager include everything in Payroll Tax Compliance Manager and everything in Payroll Manager plus employee onboarding and offboarding, representing your organization in unemployment claims, calculating taxes, reviewing your policies and procedures, and more.


Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager is our mid-tier service option and helps you with ongoing payroll processing and tax compliance.

Your manager will help you stay on top of compliance through expert knowledge of state and federal employer regulations, jurisdiction monitoring, and having the responsibility to process accurate payroll and deductions.


Payroll Tax Compliance Manager

Payroll Tax Compliance Manager is our entry-level tier of outsourced services focused on payroll tax compliance.

Our team of professional tax experts can save clients thousands of dollars from penalties and fees by actively monitoring for new and existing accounts, monitoring workforce address and compensation changes and monitoring any regulatory changes to payroll jurisdictions that impact your business.

Getting started is easy

Select level of service

  • Select one of three outsourced manager tiers
  • Pricing is on a per employee per month model, starting with 25 employee minimums

Build your package

Once you activate a cart, you’ll have the chance to add and customize your HR platform and services need. Add things like:

  • Benefits administration
  • Upgraded HR platform
  • Recruiting software

Make your purchase

You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of your customized packages including pricing and payment options. You can:

  • Purchase directly online
  • Pay with a credit card or bank account

Meet your team

  • You’ll be connected with both a TriNet implementation specialist and your new outsourced services team
  • Our team will reach out to you with next steps in the first 24 hours after purchase

Select your HR Plus service & get started today

Your HR Plus services package is an extension of our base HR Platform, meaning you get everything in HR Platform plus your choice of one of three service level tiers.

Payroll Tax Compliance Manager
  • Jurisdiction Set-Ups
  • Retoractive Filings
  • Jurisdiction Recoveries
  • Ongoing Compliance Monitoring
  • And more!
Payroll Tax Compliance Manager
A team of payroll tax specialists helps you navigate one of the most complex parts of running a business - payroll tax.
  • Set up federal, state & local tax jurisdiction registration accounts with required government agencies
  • Optional active monitoring for new & existing tax jurisdictions, maintaining compliance
  • And more!

Requires the purchase of:

  • Any HR Platform Package
  • Any Audit
Payroll Manager
  • Calculate federal & state payroll taxes
  • Prepare & file federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Administer workers compensation payroll reporting
  • Assist with employee onboarding and offboarding
  • And more!
Payroll Manager
Consider your payroll processing needs covered. You’ll have access to dedicated payroll managers who help with the responsibilities of a traditional payroll department.

Everything in Payroll Tax Compliance Manager +

  • Calculate federal & state payroll taxes
  • Oversee payroll tax compliance needs
  • Workers’ Compensation payroll reporting
  • And more!

Requires the purchase of:

  • Any HR Platform Package
  • Any Audit
HR Manager
  • Monitor and support employer elected employee benefits
  • Conduct quarterly and annual internal policy reviews
  • Assist with creating custom policies and procedures, with ongoing support
  • Monitor and support employee onboarding and offboarding
  • And more!
HR Manager
Rely on a dedicated team of experienced professionals to for your HR needs. They help with the responsibilities of a traditional HR department.

Everything in Payroll Manager +

  • Administers unemployment claims
  • Supports employee onboarding and off-boarding
  • Annual benefits review with brokers
  • Best practice guidance on policy and processes
  • And more!

Requires the purchase of:

  • Any HR Platform Package
  • HR Operations Audit

Tangible benefits, real satisfaction


less time onboarding new hires

1 week

save up to one week per year in HR administration


less time spent on payroll and benefits

Looking just for an audit? We’ve got you.

If you’re not ready for an outsourced service team, but would be interested to see if your HR systems and processes are in compliance, let us take a look. Two levels of audits will provide actionable insights to improve your HR risk.

"TriNet has always been great and responsive by answering the day-to-day questions and things that are needed. To know that we have TriNet as an ally allows us to go into things without the worry and fear of ‘am I doing this right?’ or ‘am I doing this wrong?"
Mayer Dallal, Managing Director, MBANC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR Plus?
The HR Plus model helps to streamline HR, payroll processing and benefits tasks by allowing users to employ outsourced expert help.
How much do HR Plus services cost?
HR Plus services range in price depending on a client's needs. For detailed HR Plus pricing, review the HR Plus pricing page to learn more.
Can I purchase HR Plus as a stand-alone?
No. HR Plus services cannot be purchased stand-alone. Each of the listed HR Plus services is available to be paired with your SaaS subscription.
What level of service does TriNet HR Plus offer?
Our HR Plus services are considered outsourced services, allowing clients to get support from HR, payroll and tax specialists.

Learn how TriNet’s comprehensive HR Plus solutions can help your business.

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We comply with all ESAC standards and maintain ESAC accreditation since 1995.
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A TriNet subsidiary is classified as a Certified Professional Employer Organization by the IRS.