Performance Management

Capture real-time feedback and accurate performance data while keeping employees engaged.

Build engagement and alignment
Performance management is bigger than periodic reviews and goal setting. When done effectively, it provides direction, creates a dialogue for career growth and builds trust in the manager-employee relationship. The primary goal is higher employee engagement, which can help increase:
Individual productivity
Match individual goals to business goals.
Job satisfaction
Increase visibility into performance and progress.
Retention rates
Track performance metrics to build a stronger and more transparent team dynamic.

Finding purpose


of employees in a 2021 McKinsey study said their purpose is largely defined by their work1

Performance Management dashboard

Chart a path for success

TriNet offers an end-to-end approach to help companies achieve an effective performance management program. This approach combines expert consultants who work with you to assess and design a comprehensive performance process and a cloud-based application to execute on your strategy.


A custom-built strategy for your business

Our Organizational Development consultants help:

  1. Develop a performance management strategy that aligns with your culture, values and business priorities
  2. Align individual efforts with business objectives Foster a culture of continuous feedback in a way that motivates and increases productivity

  3. Drive accountability for how individuals are rewarded

  4. Identify high performance talent that may be ready for new roles

  5. Inform development opportunities for upskilling or reskilling your workforce

Simplified by technology

With our cloud-based performance management application, managing goals, capturing real-time feedbacking and making performance reviews becomes painless:
Real-time feedback: Your employees can record their own performance notes in real-time and your managers gain insight into daily workplace dynamics
Simpler, smarter, cascading goals: Create manageable goals that are weighted by important and aligned with company objectives
Streamlined performance reviews: Tie in goals and feedback to your reviews so managers have what they need to easily evaluate performance
Custom and pre-loaded review templates: Build your own custom review template or use a pre-loaded template that can be configured to your desired review type
Track activity: Keep on top of progress of company-wide reviews or team goal tracking with important information that bubbles to the top of the to-do list
Reports: Dashboards and visualization tools showing relevant, actionable metrics to provide clarity into your company’s overall performance

Intricate assessments?

For businesses that have more complex performance management needs, TriNet also integrates with Lattice.

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