Enrich Services

Expand the benefits available to your employees.

Healthcare and planning for families

Access to healthcare, family planning, education and disaster relief

Through our Enrich™ product line TriNet customers can offer their employees tax-optimized reimbursements for expenses related to medical travel, education, disaster relief and child adoption. Equitable access to benefits is a key part of our expertise and the value that we bring to our customers.

TriNet Enrich Access services

Enrich Access

Enrich Access allows companies to provide tax-free travel reimbursements to their eligible employees, and household dependents if companies so choose, who travel to obtain medical care that is not available to them locally. The employee’s identity remains anonymous to their employer—which is often a challenge for small companies.

TriNet Enrich Adopt services

Enrich Adopt

Enrich Adopt allows companies to provide a tax-favored adoption assistance program that supports eligible employees who wish to expand their immediate families through adoption. The plan reimburses eligible expenses incurred during the adoption process subject to IRS and plan rules.

TriNet Enrich Learn services

Enrich Learn

Enrich Learn allows companies to provide tax-optimized reimbursements for expenses incurred by their employees to advance their education. Providing education reimbursements is an impactful way for businesses to expand their benefit offering, given that education is a key factor in job advancement and satisfaction.

TriNet Enrich Disaster Relief

Enrich Disaster Relief

Enrich Disaster Relief allows companies to provide tax-favored reimbursements for expenses incurred by employees impacted by federally declared disasters. The product gives businesses a turn-key solution for helping their employees when they need it most.

"We’re at a time now where people expect their companies to do a lot for them… Without the help of someone like TriNet, I don’t know that we’d be able to achieve the same type of program that people are looking for."
Derek Steer, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Mode

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