Better Workforce Decisions With Time Management

Help keep your organization compliant with an easy-to-use time and attendance solution.

Help with compliance
TriNet helps keep your company’s time system compliant, even in heavily regulated industries. Plus, TriNet monitors HR requirements to provide up-to-date HR compliance and best practice guidance.
Customizable rules
Every business and industry have its own time management needs. With TriNet, you can set rules specific to your use case.
Simple maintenance
With self-guided onboarding tools and visual schedulers for both your admins and employees, you can make clear work calendars and maintain your records.

Clear time management

A growing headcount doesn’t need to complicate payroll. Help keep your organization compliant with a time and attendance solution that tracks employee hours worked for each payroll processed. With ample time and labor data on hand, you have the power to drive efficiency with informed business decisions.

Time management key features
Compliance Tools and Monitoring
  • Select correct pay codes from an extensive list
  • Apply rules according to state or local requirements
  • Apply custom rules for your business or industry
  • TriNet monitors requirements to provide up to date compliance and best practice guidance
  • Automatic data sync from TriNet’s time off solution to reflect approved time off
Intuitive Dashboards
  • Easily manage your employees’ work schedules
  • Identify who is approaching overtime eligibility
  • Review pending timecard approvals
  • Quick review for potential errors and exceptions
  • Simple clock in and out access for your employees
Policy Controls
  • Add rest and meal period rules according to company policies
  • Error handling for late punch-ins and rest and meal period violations
  • Automatic rounding for time entries, if applicable
  • Restrictions based on location for TriNet Mobile users
Self-Guided Onboarding
  • Step-by-step modules for complete time management setup
  • Configure company-specific policies for time entry methods, rounding (if applicable), rest and meal periods, and more
  • Guided setup assistance available with TriNet experts
Visual Scheduler
  • Generate work schedules quickly and easily
  • View scheduled work hours by day, week or month
  • Create and view schedules by employee, shift, department or job
Review Features
Review Features
  • Timecard and error review feature
  • Monitor system activity with IP address tracking
  • Warnings and alerts for offsite punches
Reporting Capabilities
Reporting Capabilities
  • Identify patterns and forecast trends
  • Predict operational needs, such as minimizing overtime hours worked
  • Monitor your employee hours worked to help control costs
  • Over a dozen reports to monitor timecard summaries, overtime hours worked and attendance

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ESAC Accreditation
We comply with all ESAC standards and maintain ESAC accreditation since 1995.
Certified PEO
A TriNet subsidiary is classified as a Certified Professional Employer Organization by the IRS.