Time and Attendance

Make real-time decisions based on real-time software and labor data.

Visual Scheduler

The TriNet visual scheduler provides at-a-glance information that lets managers view or generate work schedules by day, week or month; add breaks that align with your scheduling policies; and update schedules to optimize their staffing mix. Plus, employees are empowered to schedule their time off. After all, your employees work hard, so give them the tools they need to efficiently schedule their vacation days.

Intuitive Dashboards

TriNet’s dashboard provides visibility into key metrics, allowing you to track hours in real time and make informed decisions. Review data at a glance without having to build reports or export data. Supervisors can see table views and charts displaying employees who clocked in or out, along with entry errors. Get everything you need for online time tracking, all in one spot.


Online reporting provides the numbers you need to understand what drives payroll costs and how to control them. TriNet’s comprehensive analysis and reporting tool enables you to “slice and dice” the data on the dimensions that are important like total hours, overtime and project expenses.

Single Platform

Rest assured that your time tracking and HR systems are in sync. By automatically capturing all time and attendance details, you can track if your people are following established policy and help keep your organization in compliance with local, state and federal labor laws.

It would be very difficult to work in our industry, at our level, at our speed without TriNet.

Steven M. Ranuro
General Manager, Biggie's Clam Bar

While TriNet helps with the administrative [HR] tasks, I'm able to focus on our people, who are the bread and butter of Perfect Bar.

Allie Jennings
HR Manager, Perfect Bar