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Attract the talent you need to deliver lifesaving therapies.

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Focus more on patient outcomes and less on HR

Focus more on patient outcomes and less on HR

From digital therapeutics to gene therapy, life sciences companies are working to bridge research with new scientific breakthroughs. Attracting strong talent requires a solid benefits offering. And keeping that talent requires a strong corporate culture and leadership development. Depend on TriNet for an HR solution that addresses your day-to-day and complex HR needs, so you can focus on maintaining product development cycles and building the best company you can.

Maximize your productivity

Maximize your productivity

Understanding the ins and outs of HR is not a science you’re accustomed to. Even if it is, your time is better spent focusing on things like R&D, clinical testing and fundraising. By outsourcing your HR, you can ensure critical business functions are taking place as they should, so your executive team can lead your company to reach its full potential.

$20 billion

Two life sciences companies were acquired for roughly this amount between January 2018 and January 2019. Both were with TriNet for more than five years and grew from small companies to multi-billion-dollar organizations. TriNet provided the HR support they needed to get back time in their day, so they could focus on advancing cancer immunotherapy products and treatment for patients with genomically defined cancers, accelerating levels of progress and growth.

Shield your company risk

Shield your company from risk

Protecting your business from employment-related liabilities is critical, but you’re not an expert on payroll taxes, benefits compliance and workers’ comp. An extensive HR risk mitigation program and compliance guidance can help prevent issues that might otherwise jeopardize your stability and your valuation.


approximate discrimination charges are filed with the EEOC every year1

1U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Charge Statistics Through 2017.

is the average settlement amount for discrimination charges filed with the EEOC every year2

2 Hiscox, 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits (Nov 2017).
Attract the talent you need for innovation

Attract the talent you need for innovation

It’s not easy to attract talent from Fortune 500 companies if you don’t offer the basics like benefit plan options and retirement planning. You also need to build a great place to work and a solid talent management strategy. With TriNet, you have an expert to depend on for best practices guidance and support, so you can focus on your mission.


Customer success story

To keep this biotech start-up's lean yet mighty team focused on their mission, their CEO sought to outsource HR functions from their inception.

Working with TriNet significantly decreases the time they dedicate to HR tasks and employment compliance, in addition to providing a professional first impression on new hires.

Working together for you
A team of HR experts who look out for your business
Administrative help with managing payroll and benefits
HR best practices guidance on complex and sensitive issues
Workers’ compensation insurance
Risk mitigation services to help prevent employer liability, such as workplace lawsuits
Employee Support Center offering professional help with common HR questions
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