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Life Sciences

Austin, TX

Expertise in the lab does not necessarily translate into effectively managing the HR requirements of a growing life sciences organization.

TriNet provides HR solutions for life sciences organizations through our extensive expertise and access to competitive benefits to help MedtoMarket retain a highly specialized team.

I noticed that a lot of my colleagues who are maybe five or 10 years ahead of me were lacking in some of the training we had been doing with a lot of the new technologies that have been instituted into our field. As the technologies have gotten more complex, the concept of just learning this in the hallway before you roll in and do a surgical case is no longer doable. You really need to get certified on these robotic platforms, these more complex procedures.

We've built a state-of-the-art 32,000 square foot facility that's considered a bio skills lab facility, which means we mimic what happens in the operating room, the customer experience. We provide this, the turnkey solution we give our customers is really what sets us apart. They're here with the physicians, with the engineers, with the medical device representatives—and it's incredible to watch the flow of talent and ideas and innovation and even entrepreneurship that happens around this scenario underneath a real OR light.

What differentiated TriNet from the other corporations and organizations we looked at for human resource help was the same things that we pushed here at our company, right? Customer experience. They were there with the answers. It was very clear, very simple to follow and it really took a giant headache away from us, from someone who was there for us all the time.

The TriNet platform has been very simple for us. It's very easy to work with. The beauty is we can pick up the phone anytime and get a person on the line very quickly to answer our questions. Payroll, PTO, there's so many things that come up, benefits, and so the access and that customer experience really makes a difference for our day-to-day HR experience.

MedtoMarket is in a robust growth phase. Right now, we are doubling the size of our facility. We'll be one of the largest bio skills labs and innovation centers in the world, and with that growth, obviously we're going to have to double, triple, quadruple our employee base. The access to benefits that TriNet provides our employees and our organization itself, I think is directly related to our retention and our happiness of our employees. So, we're excited to know that the partner we're with at the very beginning is a partner. We're going to continue with in TriNet with our human resources.
The access to benefits that TriNet provides our employees and our organization itself, I think is directly related to our retention and the happiness of our employees."
Helping medical innovators bridge the gap from concept to market.

MedtoMarket is a 32,000 square-foot (and growing) medical training facility and bioskills lab in Austin, TX. It is one of the largest facilities of its type in the United States. With plans to double in size, MedtoMarket depends on TriNet to help support their HR needs as they scale. Aaron Ali, M.D., CEO & co-founder, explains how TriNet mirrors the customer experience of their own organization, providing easy access to human resources assistance and expert help with their payroll, access to benefits, PTO and much more.

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