Talent and Organizational Consulting

TriNet’s experienced consultants help organizations unite their strategy, people and culture to drive outcomes.

Help Navigating Change and Complexity
Disruptive change in the working world is pushing businesses to reimagine strategies, lead distributed teams, create cultures of inclusion and more. Many organizations have the ability to adapt, but lack the specialized expertise to guide these initiatives forward. TriNet’s experts can help.
Experienced consultants
TriNet’s experts have worked with thousands of organizations to help them achieve their strategic goals—providing an informed perspective larger consulting firms might not offer.
Outcome oriented
TriNet’s consultative services produce an action plan in collaboration with your organization’s stakeholders. This plan helps break down large initiatives to keep you on track.
A guided approach
Our consultants help guide your leadership and organization toward your goals, fine-tuning when necessary to achieve the desired results.

Evaluating strengths and areas for improvement

TriNet’s organizational assessment tool provides a baseline to evaluate where your organization is today and which areas to prioritize. How it works:

  1. Executive team members complete 15-minute web-based assessment
  2. Assessment results are aggregated and presented in a debrief session facilitated by a TriNet consultant
  3. Key actions are identified and captured in an assessment document provided to the executive team

Consulting Solutions

Our consultants are skilled at swiftly assessing complex situations and providing a people-centered approach to building high performance organizations.
Communication planning and execution
Mission and vision development
Strategic planning
Organization structure and design
M&A integration support
"My employees get the brass tacks of how to be better on the ground at recruiting, screening, hiring and terminating—a level of support that we would have never had without TriNet. "
Alyssa Rapp, CEO, Surgical Solutions

Performance management consulting

Your employees are your most important business asset. Building an effective performance management solution can help retain these valued performers and promote both productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. TriNet experts use their wealth of experience to help create a program that develops, motivates and measures the performance of employees in support of company goals.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

A diverse, equitable and inclusive team is important for improving creativity, employee engagement and maximizing growth. However, without the right guidance, addressing DEI can feel like an overwhelming task. TriNet’s DEI program combines experienced consultants and proven methods to help you assess your current performance and provide actionable strategies and insights to move your DEI goals forward.


Employee engagement surveys

Employees who are fully engaged at work are more likely to stay longer and be committed to working towards the organizational success of your business.

TriNet will help you create customizable, confidential and anonymous employee engagement surveys. This data lets you quickly effect change and improve the employee experience with a productive and supportive work environment.


About our consultants

TriNet’s strategic HR consulting team applies 150 years of combined HR and talent management experience to help advance your organization’s goals. These consultants work with companies to assess complex situations and develop customized initiatives. Our work allows organizations to unite their strategy, people and culture to drive business transformation.

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