Employee Talent Retention & Growth

Keep your best employees happy and positioned to grow as leaders.

Performance Managament

Performance management

Transform employees into productive and effective teams with performance management tools that work. Align employee and company goals while capturing real-time feedback that builds open communication. Help set realistic goals and expectations where employees contribute to the process, stay on track with their goals and access past reviews anytime.

What this means for you: 

  • Spend more time mentoring with a performance review that keeps notes from previous years readily accessible 
  • Add notes throughout ongoing projects to bridge the gap between review periods 
  • Understand your employees' performance with reports that show relevant and actionable metrics

LMS – Learning management system basics

Learning management

Ongoing development is crucial for your employees to continue performing at their best. With more than 500 courses designed for efficient learning, our education programs offer targeted training in focused modules, so employees can quickly access the most relevant information and apply them in your business.

What this means for you: 

  • Online learning for your employees anytime, anywhere through our cloud-based platform 
  • Professional courses spanning accounting, finance, workplace ethics, business writing, computer skills, compliance training and more 
  • Give employees access to courses that count towards their professional certification and continuing education
Leadership Training
We’ll help you deliver training that prepares your leaders with the skills they need to push your business to the next level. Workshops are conducted in an intimate setting for in-depth discussion between moderator and participant.
Embracing Leadership
Aligns employees with company objectives and builds a motivated culture of leadership
HR 101
Covers best practices in HR compliance, performance coaching, employee evaluation guidelines, termination procedures and more
Respect in the Workplace
Modules explore the impact that discrimination and harassment can have on your business in separate supervisor and employee sessions
Career Transitions

Career transition support

High-growth businesses need to protect their professional reputation by ensuring they properly support and transition employees exiting the organization. Our workshops provide guidance on evaluating new employment opportunities, as well as focusing their energy on the future.

What this means for your departing employees: 

  • Assists with resume building, interview skills and financial planning 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to them with supportive off-boarding 
  • Provides affordable, interactive coaching in small group settings

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