Learning Management

Drive your business by building your team’s skills.

A new approach to learning and development

To grow your business, you need your employees to stay current on topics relevant to your business. With comprehensive online learning and development, your team can improve performance to help your company stay competitive.

LMS – Learning management system basics

What is learning management?

Ongoing development is crucial for your employees to continue performing at their best. TriNet’s learning management system offers an extensive library, spanning accounting, finance, workplace ethics, business writing, computer skills and compliance training. Each course is optimized to provide targeted training in a focused module which supports better retention. Our learning management system includes more than 500 courses and we’re regularly adding new ones.

What is learning management?

Training for real-world employees

Employees typically handle multiple roles in their day-to-day jobs. With TriNet, they can polish their current skills and go on to develop a wide range of new ones. Courses present practical, useful knowledge, teaching participants how to apply what they learn in real-world situations. It’s a smart investment with returns that can move your business ahead.

Training for real-world employees

Help your employees perform at their highest levels

More than 500 courses categorized by industry
Courses available in three subject areas—best practices, business skills and software skills.

Interactive participation module
Allows for increased employee engagement.

Relevant topics
Help your workforce stay current and fulfill their potential with up-to-date content.

Online programs
Cloud-based so your employees can learn anywhere, any time.

Learning courses to help your employee
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