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An HR solution created just for you

An HR solution created just for you

The wholesale and retail industries are rife with challenges, from attracting and retaining employees to finding time for lengthy administrative tasks to staying compliant with local laws and regulations. With access to incredible benefits to attract top workers, risk mitigation assistance that will help you maintain compliance and a technology platform that automates many administrative tasks, you can rest assured that your HR solution is working for you.

Keep costs under control

Keep costs under control

Because minimizing operational and HR costs is paramount to your success, our robust technology platform offers powerful tools and data analytics you can implement to help you predict overtime expenses, optimize workflows and more. Our solution helps bring down your overall costs so you can stay competitive against large wholesalers and e-commerce giants.

How the right HR solution can help you


of wholesale distributors and manufacturers plan to improve employee productivity as a means to cut costs1

1Modern Distribution Management, The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2018 (March 2018).

of HR-related expenses are due to recruitment costs, including third-party agency fees, background checks and advertising costs, among others2

2SHRM, 2017 Talent Acquisition Benchmarking Report (Dec 2017).
Save time so you can focus on your business

Take time-consuming activities off your plate

With the experts and technology in place to handle your HR needs, TriNet can help you do more in less time. Get help managing payroll for employees in multiple states—including full-time, part-time and temporary workers—as well as benefits administration, workers’ comp, plus other time-consuming tasks. Free up more time for meetings with potential buyers and sellers.


Customer success story


A renowned brand needed an HR solution to help manage and support a growing multi-state team while aligning with their relationship-driven culture.


TriNet experts and technology provide the payroll compliance, access to competitive benefits and hands-on support Moleskine America needs to focus on expanding their core business.

Maintain workplace safety

Maintain workplace safety and compliance

TriNet can help you protect your employees, your business and your bottom line by offering best practices guidance, worksite safety assessments and trainingplus comprehensive workers’ comp coverage and claims management when the need arises. And while wholesalers and retailers often operate in multiple states with numerous regulations, you can rely on our substantial industry expertise to help you maintain a safe workplace.

Top 3 concerns

A growing talent gap was cited among the top three worries of wholesale distributors and manufacturers for 2018—staffing concerns ranged from “hiring skilled workers” to “finding capable people” to “recruiting new talent.”1

1Modern Distribution Management, The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2018 (March 2018)
Secure and retain top talent

Secure and retain top talent

With some of the highest turnover rates of any industry, retailers are constantly on the lookout for new hires—especially during the busy holiday season. Our advanced applicant tracking system can help quickly find and screen qualified candidates, while access to a wide range of benefits can help you secure and retain the best talent. And with tools that streamline many time-consuming tasks like onboarding, scheduling and offboarding, our technology platform enhances your efficiency and adds to your bottom line.

Working together for you

A team of HR experts who look out for your business
Administrative help with managing payroll and benefits
HR best practices guidance on complex and sensitive issues
Workers’ compensation insurance
Risk mitigation services to help prevent employer liability, such as workplace lawsuits
Employee Support Center offering professional help with common HR questions
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