Benefits Compliance

Rest assured knowing that TriNet-sponsored benefits are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


Focus on your business, lean on us for benefits compliance

Get access to HR experts to navigate the ins and outs of benefits compliance with confidence. With TriNet-sponsored benefits, you get assistance with most multi-state reporting requirements, retirement plan filings, COBRA-related communications and ACA reporting, so you can get back to running your business.

Compliance for businesses with multi-state operations

Benefits compliance can get tricky when you’re a business operating in multiple states. Depend on our experts to help you navigate the multi-layered patchwork of state and local regulations. Stay on top of:
Retirement plan requirements and state savings programs
Reporting requirements and offers of medical coverage
Coverage mandates for health insurance plans
Variations in COBRA continuation coverage periods

Retirement plans for your team’s future

Offering retirement plans is a great way to attract and retain key talent. But there are a litany of rules governing retirement plans, including fiduciary responsibilities, required filings and selecting investment options that put time and resource strains on any small business.

TriNet handles compliance for its 401(k) plan including:

  • Filing Form 5500, investment selection, and monitoring and overseeing plan testing
  • Managing independent audits and documentation reviews
  • Processing participant deferrals, election changes, loans and distributions

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Keeping up with the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be a complex piece of legislation that requires expertise and resources to stay compliant. When you have access to TriNet-sponsored benefits we can help you understand your reporting requirements if you designate as an applicable large employer and provide documentation to help you respond to any large employer penalty assessment notices.

Find out more on how TriNet helps you stay ACA compliant.


Ensuring the privacy and security of your employees’ information

Your employees trust that their personal information will be safe with you and anyone you work with. TriNet-sponsored plans are fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and we distribute HIPAA privacy notices.

An expert to depend on for COBRA compliance

There’s a lot to consider when managing COBRA administration for former employees. For those employees and dependents participating in TriNet-sponsored plans, we’ll help keep you on track, especially when it comes to changing regulations governing elections and deadline extensions.

TriNet takes the proper steps to help you stay in compliance, including:

  • Providing COBRA election notices to eligible former employees and their dependents participating in TriNet-sponsored benefit plans
  • Managing record keeping and documentation

Documentation and communication

Summary plan descriptions, summaries of benefits and coverage and summary annual reports are just a few of the documents required to stay compliant. TriNet provides these and many other resources for your team to access up-to-date information. Documents are accessible on a user-friendly platform to both clients and their worksite employees and are regularly updated. 

Answers when you need them

TriNet provides information and answers to questions on a host of compliance topics including:

  • Benefits enrollment
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Medical support orders
  • Life status change events
  • Employment status changes

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