Environmental, Social and Governance Report

TriNet’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report documents our efforts toward being good stewards of the environment and making a positive impact on society and the business community.

ESG Reports

Our annual ESG Reports highlight our dedication to social impact, governance and our approach to environmental sustainability. These reports showcase the work we’ve done while providing a level of transparency into how we run our business and view our role with respect to our stakeholders.

ESG Report

ESG by the Numbers

51,500 lbs

Recyclable material diverted from landfills after furniture decommission

245 hours

Volunteered by TriNet colleagues to create financial literacy and career readiness kits for those in need


Award Nominations and eCards Sent by TriNet colleagues in the first six months of 2022!

ESG Resources

Corporate Environmental Responsibility Series

Learn about sustainability through the eyes of a fictitious SMB building an environmentally aware workplace where social responsibility is valued and encouraged.

TriNet Foundation

The TriNet Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of TriNet, is a charitable giving account that supports our Corporate Social Responsibility program and giving efforts.

Investor Relations

Get up-to-date stock information, SEC filings, financial statements as well as information on TriNet’s board, Corporate Governance guidelines and more.

Supports LGBTQ+

The TriNet Foundation donated to StartOut, a nonprofit organization supporting LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs by helping drive their economic empowerment.

TriNet’s DEI Series

Through a series of stories at a fictitious SMB, we take you on a journey to build an inclusive workplace where diversity and a sense of belonging is celebrated.

TriNet Supports Veterans and Military Spouses

The TriNet Foundation donated to Hire Heroes USA—an organization empowering U.S. service members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce.

Stockholder Communications Policy

View TriNet’s policy establishing the procedures for stockholder communications with the company’s board of directors.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

See TriNet’s guidelines for corporate governance including board composition, qualifications, responsibilities, board committees and evaluation protocols.

Environmental Policy

See how TriNet establishes our commitment to the environmental, acting with stainability in mind and improving awareness of environmental issues.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Living our values begins with our code of conduct. Review our guidance to colleagues on how to uphold and promote our mission, vision and core values.

Guidelines for Commenting on Sensitive Issues

Read our colleague guidelines for being intentional and mindful in the use of TriNet’s voice and ensuring we are always aligned with our mission, vision and core values.

Vendor Code of Conduct

This code defines the high ethical standards that our vendors must follow to make sure our values are upheld for all stakeholders.

Human Rights and Labor Standards Policy

TriNet’s guidance on our efforts to ensure the rights of our stakeholders are respected and promoted through our activities and those of our business partners.

Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

This policy demonstrates how TriNet is committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Governmental Affairs Policy

See how TriNet directs our public policy interests, political donations and engagement with policymakers.

Historically Underrepresented Businesses

TriNet’s program to assist underrepresented businesses, including persons of color, women, differently abled, veterans and the LGBTQ+ community.

The team who built this report

Dozens of colleagues contributed time, talent and information to our 2022 ESG Report. These are the people responsible for putting it all together. We are incredibly grateful to all contributors. Thank you!

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