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You’ll be rewarded and they’ll get extraordinary HR when it matters most.

Do some good and get rewarded

  • For every qualified referral you provide between now and July 31, 2020, we’ll donate $250 in your name to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund*
  • Submit the highest number of qualified referrals and you’ll get an Amazon gift card worth $1,000*
  • And as always, receive up to $5,000 when your referral becomes a TriNet client†

*Subject to TriNet Donation Referral Program terms and conditions.
†Subject to Share TriNet Rewards Program terms and conditions.

You’ll be rewarded based on the company’s size.


5 to 19 worksite employees


20 to 49 worksite employees


50 to 99 worksite employees


100+ worksite employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

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