As the world reopens, a referral could be your ticket to adventure.

Submit the most referrals that result in new TriNet clients and you could win a $10,000 Flightgift™ gift card that can be redeemed for flights to over 980 global destinations on airlines like American™, United™, Alaska™, jetBlue™ and over 300 more.*

1st Place

$10,000 Flightgift™ gift card

2nd Place

$5,000 Flightgift™ gift card

Plus, we’re rewarding a $100 Gift Card for every qualified referral you submit that results in a completed first meeting with a TriNet sales consultant.

Plus, as always, you’ll be rewarded based on the company’s size.


5-49 worksite employees


50 to 99 worksite employees


100 to 199 worksite employees


200+ worksite employees

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