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20-99 employees

Life Sciences

Watkinsville, GA

An ecommerce business dedicated to making life easier for people with disabilities and injuries needed a PEO that could help streamline their HR operations without the need for additional staff internally.

TriNet provides with the quality technology and access to benefits they need to manage a diverse team more easily, so they can focus on the people they help.

We think about all of those challenges that people with disabilities or people recovering from an injury or trying to rehabilitate from a physical issue, we think about those things as therapists, and we really want to work with those people to connect them with the right devices, tools, technology, modalities. We like to say that our e-commerce platform is differentiated or unique because it was founded by occupational and physical therapists. We sell several hundred thousand medical technologies and rehabilitation technologies that are very unique. No other companies out there that we're aware of that are owned by allied health professionals, essentially OTs and PTs who really have this core mission to connect people and explain to them and educate them on how these amazing new technologies and tools impact the life of the differently abled person. Prior to TriNet, when we were a smaller business, it would be me, our office manager. My wife is a practicing physical therapist and also would help out in HR. We started looking at different PEO options to deliver a better HR experience to our associates. TriNet rose to the top of the pack because they had a great technology stack.

They offered a really large range of options of services with healthcare, 401(k), dental, all the insurance options. They had a really robust suite of partner offerings. Having TriNet allows us to act like, say, a Fortune 1000 company. Even though you might only be 50 employees, you can have a technology stack and all of the offerings that a Fortune 1000 can offer, but you're a small business. What we find is that every person's benefit needs are different, especially on the healthcare side. And in the past, all of that burden resided upon us. All of that is taken care of with the highest degree of professionalism. We know that our employees know that, and I think that's the best benefit that we get by being partners with TriNet. Our vision at Rehabmart is to continue to be a differentiator of the most complex and the most unique medical and rehabilitation devices. And as we continue on that pathway, my intent is to partner with TriNet to stay lean, empower our people, and just continue to grow and scale.
Having TriNet, allows us to act like, say, a Fortune 1000 company. Even though you might only be 50 employees, you can have a technology stack and all of the offerings that a Fortune 1000 can offer.”
Connecting people to the right rehabilitation solutions

Founded by two occupational therapists, is an ecommerce platform built to empower and serve patients, families, and caregivers with a wide selection of rehabilitation technologies, devices, and tools. They have served thousands of customers across the United States, including families, hospitals, school systems, the U.S. Military, and beyond.

When starting out, they juggled various HR needs internally, navigating the complexities of managing benefits for a team with diverse needs. knew they needed a trusted PEO in order to provide a better HR experience for their team, and TriNet was the clear choice, with great technology and access to a wide range of benefits and healthcare options.

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