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When founding their first public center to support autistic children, the McCarton Foundation needed HR infrastructure and support and couldn’t afford to hire an HR professional.

TriNet provides the Foundation with access to the HR support and infrastructure, technology and big-company benefits they need to support their growing team.

Over two decades ago, the McCarton Foundation was founded by Dr. Ceclia McCarton, who is one of the world's leading researchers, developmental pediatricians and professors of developmental pediatrics. In 2018, we launched our center in the Bronx, which was our first public program at the McCarton Center, we provide ABA therapy, which is applied behavior analysis, speech and language pathology and occupational therapy, as well as having a developmental pediatrician who can evaluate and diagnose children and create a treatment plan. From birth to three is the most crucial developmental period of children's lives and we can really change the course of their lives here.
The culture at McCarton is unique. Over 90% of our employees are ethnic minorities and over half are Bronx locals. And we continue to hire people who have a heart for this mission. And the people who work here care so deeply. When we started this center in the Bronx, we didn't know anything about HR. We didn't have an HR professional. We really couldn't afford one and TriNet helped us every step of the way. Our HR director had them on speed dial because there was always something going on that we needed their help with, and they were great.
One of the things that TriNet allows us to do is offer really robust benefit packages to our teachers, which is something that is so necessary because there's a teacher shortage across this country. We're competing with the Department of Education with other private programs, and we wouldn't be able to offer this if it weren't for TriNet. They're able to access their benefits, they're able to access resources, they're able to access mental health resources for free. They're able to get a 401k. So many of the things that as a smaller nonprofit we couldn't have afforded to provide TriNet did for us.
So many of the things that as a smaller nonprofit we couldn't have afforded to provide, TriNet did for us. TriNet has helped us grow from two employees to over 250, and they will help us double that number and double our impact as we go into the future."
Growing access to early intervention services for children with autism

Founded in 2002, the McCarton Foundation seeks to positively change the lives of children on the autism spectrum with exceptional treatment and therapy. The foundation has helped transform the lives of thousands of children through their center and schools, with early intervention programs and centers located in the Bronx and Manhattan.

Relying on TriNet for HR functions empowers the McCarton Foundation to focus on their life-changing work for children and the incredible staff that work with them. With the power of TriNet’s self-service technology, HR expertise, and access to competitive and cost-effective benefits, the foundation is able to recruit and retain their growing team of creative, passionate, and dedicated individuals.

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