Company size
20-99 Employees

Marketing & Advertising

New York, New York

A team committed to elevating creative minds and brands needed robust HR technology and expert guidance that could support their existing operations and would grow with them.

TriNet provides the integrated technology, HR expertise and support, and access to benefits that JOAN Creative needs to empower their team while striving for positive impact through their work.

One of the things I love most about TriNet is that it’s simple for employees to use while also giving me the confidence and data I need to better manage our business and achieve our goals." - Lisa Clunie, CEO
Creative disrupters supporting today’s brands for tomorrow

In 2016, co-founders Jaime Robinson and Lisa Clunie set out to build an agency for disrupters and creators to bring their unique skills together to build and grow brands in ways that meet people where they are today and will be relevant and lasting for the future. Inspired by the many incredible women who bore the name, Jaime and Lisa created JOAN Creative to represent what they seek to do every day – create positive change.

With a culture driven by inclusivity and creativity from day one, JOAN Creative supports talent of all backgrounds and brands from all origins to develop modern work that makes sense and connect with all kinds of people.

Today, JOAN works with a variety of both recognizable and new brands. From raising offering awareness with Virgin Hotels through a vivid visual brand experience, “Where Interesting Stays,” to leveraging the iconic Florida Man to raise awareness around climate change and rising sea levels in Florida, JOAN Creative drives impact and change for their clients and the people they reach.

Seeking more robust technology and benefits access

As a growing agency, JOAN Creative determined that they needed a more powerful PEO solution that could provide a comprehensive platform with key integrations, the scale to meet their HR needs, and competitive access to benefits that others in the industry do not offer.

With TriNet, the self-service functionality of the platform makes day-to-day HR processes and management easy.

And, when they need the extra support on more complex issues or answering questions, they enjoy working directly with the people of TriNet and leveraging their expertise and wealth of knowledge. “Being able to have a personal conversation with somebody on the other line is really helpful,” said Lisa Clunie, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder.

“The TriNet platform is so easy and straightforward. As someone who doesn’t thrive in complex interfaces, I find approving time and all the other management so easy.” - Jaime Robinson, CCO
Supporting a multi-state team

With TriNet’s compliance expertise in payroll and benefits, JOAN can hire and support the best talent across the tri-state area and beyond, without the extra burden of juggling ever-changing employment requirements in-house. “Previously, it was on us to figure how to maintain compliance across different states. But TriNet just takes care of it, while also keeping us updated on employment law, making sure we’re getting the latest information,” noted Lisa.

Creating the future

JOAN Creative has set a course to be one of the most influential agencies in the world, driven by a group of talented individuals, many of whom have historically been excluded from the industry. To do so, JOAN is committed to both providing their clients with an incredible service, as well as being an incredible employer. TriNet provides JOAN with the easy-to-use technology, HR support, and access to cutting-edge benefits that they need to continue to be a great employer as they grow.

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