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20-99 Employees

Life Sciences

San Carlos, CA

A life-changing medical technology startup needed an HR solution that that could scale and meet their needs as they grew.

TriNet provides the access to competitive benefits, multi-state compliance resources and hands-on HR support Zap Surgical needs to innovate and grow.

TriNet’s benefits offerings, HR infrastructure, and access to HR professionals have allowed me to focus on what I need to focus on – building culture and hiring the right people."
Advancing access for all

The creation of renowned neurosurgeon and inventor, Dr. John Adler, Zap Surgical Systems was founded in 2015 to create smarter, accessible brain care solutions for physicians and patients. Dr. Adler created the CyberKnife® Radiosurgery System as well as the ZAP-X platform to deliver precision radiosurgery and streamlined treatment of tumors in the head, neck, and brain. The cost efficiency of Zap-X enables patients worldwide to benefit from this life saving technology. Currently, Zap Surgical has installed 10 systems worldwide and has conducted over 1,200 treatments – both numbers are expected to double within a year.

Thanks to Zap Surgical’s innovative solutions, physicians have access to a high-quality device that requires less space and less investment to treat patients who may not otherwise be able to access this type of treatment.

Access to competitive benefits and HR infrastructure from the beginning

Since their founding, Zap Surgical Systems has worked with TriNet to implement the professional HR infrastructure and provide access to benefits to support their employees. Thanks to TriNet’s full-service HR solution, Zap Surgical can focus on creating more accessible, life-saving patient treatments, even as they compete with larger companies for the talent they need. Bob Starr, Vice President, Human Resources notes that, “As a startup in the medical device field, we often find our ourselves recruiting against much larger companies. Working with TriNet enables us to offer benefits with pricing that is as good as or better than what most large companies offer, which goes a long way.”

A powerful resource for growth

With limited internal HR resources, Bob is challenged with managing a growing team across 19 states, while competing for talent against well-known brands. TriNet allows him to not have to worry about employment compliance details, noting that, “they tell me what to do and when I need to do it or take care of it for me.”

Zap Surgical has also found TriNet’s Immigration Services to be especially helpful as they offer support with a variety of U.S. immigration and visa needs, enabling Zap to hire the best talent in the U.S. regardless of citizenship. Bob emphasized the "immigration support is awesome, and the service is always top shelf when we’re working with the TriNet International Services team.”

Having grown from an entrepreneurial start-up to nearly 100 employees nationwide, Zap Surgical leverages TriNet to continue to support their employees where they are. And, with access to HR professionals when they need it, Bob can focus more on what matters – their people.

Whether we’re exploring new compensation options, like offering an unlimited PTO plan, or handling a potentially complex HR situation, TriNet’s support has always been great."
Partnering with the right people

In addition to a powerful framework and ability to scale with the business, Bob has been especially impressed with the people at TriNet. “The quality of people at TriNet is amazing. When I need to talk to an HR expert about anything, they’re readily available and always knowledgeable. It really helps me see TriNet as our HR partner..”

Aside from their great everyday experiences with TriNet HR consultants, Zap Surgical also found incredible support during COVID-19. TriNet provided a quick response and the high level of attentiveness that Zap Surgical needed, helping to ensure the business had access to the latest best practices, compliance requirements and more, especially as they returned to the office. He leaned on TriNet for help throughout the pandemic and felt that their expertise and tools were critical, especially in helping provide the resources and support Zap Surgical needed to acquire a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and to file for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).

The future is bright for Zap Surgical Systems and their team as they expand access to care for patients across the world. With TriNet by their side since the very beginning, Bob’s outlook is positive. “I am confident that as we grow and have the need to scale, I won’t need to worry about scaling my HR infrastructure. I know TriNet can handle it.”

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