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A growing surgery center needed an effective, holistic HR solution to manage their diverse, high-skilled team.

TriNet provides the reliable technology, expertise, HR compliance support and access to benefits that 90210 Surgery Medical Center needs to serve more patients and support their talented team across several locations.

In 2006, Bonita Tapia, and Dr. Seal established the 90210 Surgery Medical Center. They did it in Beverly Hills, and it started off just seeing eyes. And then over the years, it grew and they added more specialties and more surgeons. GI, ophthalmology, ENT, general surgery, spine, orthopedic, pain management. So in 2017, we brought on two additional surgery centers in our partnership with Cedar Sinai. And it was just the time that we realized we had a vast amount of employees that we really needed to manage.

Prior to TriNet, HR was managed, and I use the term loosely managed internally. California, as you may be aware, is a pretty tricky state. It's got a lot of regulations, a lot of good protections for employees, and it's important that we stay on the correct side of those regulations. TriNet’s an important part of our strategy when we're looking at recruiting. High-end employees such as nurses, techs, doctors, and anesthesiologists, giving us access to an incredible array of benefits.

One of the things that really impressed us with TriNet was the way they bundled the offerings together. And so to be able to have a one-stop shop that TriNet was able to offer was invaluable. And that was something that really stood out. There was an impressive online platform. There was some great advice and people in the background. But having that offering in one spot that could accommodate such a diverse population as we had in our staff was just really important to us. Our relationship with TriNet on a day-to-day basis is seamless.

They're pretty much in the background, and I don't have to think about them. And I think that's probably one of the most wonderful things of my job. Of all the things that we have to look at on a daily basis from a healthcare standpoint, I don't have to worry on a compliance standpoint from the HR perspective, because TriNet has that covered. TriNet is an integral part of our company. They're there supporting us in the background. We don't always see them, but they're always there for the important parts and for the important things that we need. And that is amazing.

90210 Surgery Medical Center has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last four years, and we are excited to grow along with our partner, Cedar Sinai, and that means we need a solid HR function as part of that. And TriNet is going to be an important part of that future.
To be able to have a one stop shop that TriNet is able to offer is invaluable… Having that offering in one spot that can accommodate such a diverse population as we had in our staff is just really important to us.”
Bringing high-quality healthcare to Beverly Hills

Founded in 2006, 90210 Surgery Medical Center is a nationally renowned healthcare provider that provides patients with convenient, high-quality medical services outside of a traditional hospital setting.

Prior to TriNet, 90210 Surgery Medical Center did their best to manage HR internally. But, with more staff onboarding and complex California regulations and requirements to navigate, they knew they needed a more substantial solution. TriNet offers the easy-to-use platform, HR expertise, and access to benefits that the Center needs. The “one-stop-shop” solution makes managing a staff with a wide range of needs across several locations while staying ahead of HR requirements seamless.

With a phenomenal growth rate over the past 4 years, and more planned for the future, 90210 Surgery Medical Center knows they have the technology, best practice guidance, support, and access to benefits they need to help maintain their necessary HR functions and succeed.

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