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Facing growing demand for their products and an expanding workforce, this technology-first organization needed one solution to help manage their team’s HR needs, without compromising on ease of use and access to benefits options.

TriNet offers the single scalable HR solution and service that Mobile Technologies needs for their people and HR management to succeed in a competitive market and continue to meet the needs of a rapidly growing team.

[music] Mobile Technologies was founded back in the '80s, started out with stereo equipment. We secure mobile devices and customers' products in a retail environment. We enhance the customer experience by letting them have hands-on contact with devices while protecting the assets. When you go in and you're looking at the new phone and you're picking up the device, it's us that's stopping you from walking out. Before we partnered with TriNet, we were using five different systems to cover one process. We went to TriNet, and I can say 100%, honestly, without TriNet, there is no way we could run an HR department of seven for 1,600 employees. In 2023, we grew our US operation from a staff of just under 500 to just over 1,600. TriNet was instrumental in that growth from using the ATF to attract the talent and the simplicity of entering the talent into the portal, to the employee self-service. There is not a day that goes by that we don't speak to a TriNet rep. And if I have an issue, if I have a suggestion, the account rep listens and takes those suggestions to the people that listen. And I've seen modifications in the platform come from that. TriNet a platform is simple to use. It really is. From entering new hires to approving expenses.

On a daily basis, we're relying on TriNet to help us manage Workman's Comp, payroll, benefits. The quality of the TriNet benefit packages is fantastic, but what builds on that is also the options. Employees have the option to build a package that fits their needs. And as their life changes, there's a benefit package ready for that next step in their life. Competition in this area for technology-based employees is incredible. We go up against some very big names, but I like to think we win by being the employer of choice. TriNet to partners with us on that by the variety of benefits that we're able to offer, the ease of pay, the ease of setup, ease of requesting PTO.

I see MTI grow into around 3,000 employees this time next year. That's double our current workforce. We wouldn't be able to get to that 3,000 without the simplicity that TriNet gives us in that growth. So TriNet will be a partner as we grow.
TriNet partners with us…by the variety of benefits that we're able to offer, the ease of pay, the ease of setup, ease of requesting PTO.”
Securing assets for retail experiences

Founded over forty years ago, Mobile Technologies is a leader in securing mobile devices and technology products in a retail environment, enabling consumers to have a hands-on experience with devices while protecting their clients’ assets.

Prior to working with TriNet, MTI used five different systems to piece together their HR and people management processes. With TriNet, they’re able to meet their needs with an all-in-one solution for a growing employee base without the need for a large internal team. TriNet’s comprehensive HR technology platform with easy employee self-service, a specialized team of HR professionals and access to a range of extensive benefits options make it easier for the MTI team to scale for success.

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