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Kajeet needed support for their HR functions so they could focus on their customers and their product, while keeping their employees happy and providing them with the right benefits.

TriNet provides Kajeet with access to big-company benefits, a comprehensive HR platform, and the performance management tools need to retain and attract talent and grow.

Kajeet was founded about 20 years ago, and it was truly one of those garage startups, in our case, a basement. The company was created to provide mobile services for kids. And in fact, the company is named after the founder's kids. Today, we provide mobile services, essentially in the form of connectivity for all kinds of devices, whether it's a device used in healthcare or a device used in transportation. What we do is we allow customers to optimize the data stream and then see how the data is being used. So, for example, in a very basic use case, a teacher can see what resources a student is using to study.

What we want to do is focus on our customers and our product. HR is a necessary function. We want happy employees. We want them to have the right benefits. And we want to do it in the easiest way, both for the employee and for the company, and TriNet allows us to do that. It allows us to stay focused on our customers. Our experience with TriNet and their staff and their onboarding process, both as a corporate customer and then for each individual employee has been great. It's an enabling function because great talent wants to know that they have great benefits, good healthcare, leave, and they want to have visibility into all of that, and TriNet gives that to them.

One of the features that Kajeet uses in the TriNet Platform is TriNet Perform. It's fully integrated. It's seamless. It has an easy-to-follow workflow where the performance review is written. The employee can see it. The manager can review it and pass it up the chain of command. So then I can see everyone's performance reviews. And that is much better than any system we've used in the past. The future of Kajeet is to grow in customers and revenue, of course, and grow in new segments. And to do that, we need more employees, employees with different skills, employees in different states, and TriNet is a great partner that supports that growth.
We want happy employees. We want them to have the right benefits. And we want to do it in the easiest way, both for the employee and for the company, and TriNet allows us to do that. It allows us to stay focused on our customers."
Bridging the digital divide with connectivity

Founded in 2003, Kajeet provides customers across a variety of industries with multi-carrier wireless connectivity, data-driven insights, private wireless networks and management tools. From education to healthcare to transportation, Kajeet connects the world with award-winning tools, including their Sentinel platform, private networks, connected devices and their concierge service to optimize for maximum customer value.

With a strong focus on their customers and product, Kajeet needed HR capabilities that provided the necessary infrastructure and support to keep their employees happy, provide access to benefits, and attract talent. With TriNet, they’re accomplishing their HR goals in a way that is easy for the company to manage and for employees to use. Working with TriNet is an enabling function for Kajeet, both in the technology offered and in the access to benefits, which aid in the retention and attraction of talent.

Kajeet has found TriNet to be a great support, especially as they look towards the future with plans for employee growth across different states to support an increased customer base and expanded service segments.

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