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When competing with the biggest technology companies in the world, building the best product design and engineering team requires competitive HR offerings and expertise.

TriNet provides effective HR technology and expertise, as well as access to competitive benefits to help Motivo attract and retain a highly talented team.

Motivo was founded originally by three partners who had worked together, decided they wanted to try something a little bit different. They wanted to not just work on vehicles, but they wanted to do all things mobile. That expanded into aerospace. It expanded into consumer electronics, robotics and ag tech. So end-to-end really is everything from ideation through to production, which we can do all in-house.

What we've developed over the years is a team that loves to build stuff together, have fun, try out new things. We're able to bring in some of the best of the best folk from the best schools, the best programs, best backgrounds from a tech standpoint. But in order to attract them, we've got to have something that is competitive. We're often competing with some of the biggest tech companies in the world who offer amazing benefits. So having access to the same level of benefits through TriNet has been instrumental for us. It allows us to compete on a level playing field with some of the big tech companies.

TriNet's platform has been one of the best sellers for me for the system. It is the most intuitive platform that I have seen. It's easy to navigate. It's been very easy for me to set up multiple companies and navigate between them. Going from payroll to reporting to benefits administration and beyond is very simple. TriNet’s mobile app has been very well received by my team, being able to have very quick access to pay stubs and W2s and benefits, PTO numbers; it's been great. We have plans to grow the company, expand into new buildings. We have plans to acquire new companies. Knowing that someone has my back at TriNet helps me do my job and be at ease.
TriNet’s platform has been one of the best sellers for me. It is the most intuitive platform I have seen – it’s easy to navigate, going from payroll to reporting to benefits and beyond."
Helping hardware engineering innovators focus on their agile team and growth.

Motivo is a hardware innovation engineering firm offering end-to-end product design and engineering, with a focus on developing production-ready designs quickly. With plans to continue expanding and potential acquisitions on the horizon, Motivo relies on TriNet to support their HR needs for both today and tomorrow’s team. Chris Dunham, Chief Human Resources Officer, shares how TriNet supports their innovation with easy and immediate access to HR solutions and technology that serve the entire team, including payroll, access to benefits, PTO and more.

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