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A training organization committed to upskilling professionals needed a PEO that provided better HR support, service, and capabilities to meet the needs of their growing business.

TriNet's range of available services, responsive team, access to benefits and scalability help LifeLabs Learning meet the needs of their remote team and business.

We love TriNet; the ease of use, self-service options, expertise and responsiveness, and the access to benefits are incredible and flex to meet our company needs.”
Teaching with intention

Established out of a desire to teach adults life’s most useful skills in a fun and engaging way, LifeLabs Learning offers in-person and virtual training for professionals to grow and develop. With over 500,000 people taught at more than 2,500 companies, including Etsy, Glassdoor, Target, Paramount Pictures and beyond, they are excited to continue to help future leaders upskill in ways that make tomorrow better for everyone.

Their unique science-based learning approach includes live training in small groups with options to customize to meet a client’s specific needs. And they focus on fully employing their highly credentialed instructors to ensure dedicated resources and knowledge. LifeLabs Learning is committed to supporting their remote team of more than one hundred across the United States, and work to maintain a culture that aligns with their core values.

Meeting the needs of a remote team

Before starting with TriNet in 2023, LifeLabs worked with a different PEO that required more dedicated resources internally to manage, which was a burden on the team. They also found the support to be challenging to access and reporting was not up to their standards. During the decision process, TriNet stood out with the variety of services available, the responsiveness of the team, access to benefits, and the scalability of the solution.

With TriNet, LifeLabs Learning found a solution that their existing team could easily manage, while still meeting all their HR needs. Dana Price, Chief Financial Officer says, “Knowing that we have coverage nationwide as a remote company is incredible. And, we have access to experts that can help us with various needs.”

Managing a widespread team across a number of states can be quite a challenge for many businesses, but TriNet makes it easier for LifeLabs Learning. Whether they’re managing multi-state HR compliance or navigating more complicated people management needs, LifeLabs has the resources they need to navigate their everyday HR needs. Dana emphasizes, “Having an expert talk through things with us is incredibly, incredibly helpful.”

And the access to benefits is also beneficial. “It's rare that you see a company that can offer an EPO, a PPO, and an HSA all at the same time. And that's definitely one of the reasons we love TriNet, the access to different benefits is phenomenal.” Plus, the 401(k) plan and expertise available around establishing it are beneficial for Dana’s team and have made it possible for LifeLabs Learning to implement an employer match in 2024.

The TriNet platform has also been a highlight, with easy reporting capabilities, user interface, resources and more. In fact, Dana points out, “TriNet has a lot more reporting than I’ve ever seen at any other PEO I’ve used.”

I love the TriNet platform, I just find it very easy to use. The UI is easy to follow.”
Growing with TriNet

Looking to the future, LifeLabs Learning is on a significant growth trajectory, looking to double the size of the company. “Knowing that we don't have to pull the expertise in-house and we have experts at TriNet that can continue to support us is so important,” notes Dana. “We know we have the options and expertise we need to manage our day-to-day without worrying about the mundane and the legal impact of this state with that clause. Knowing that we have a PEO like TriNet standing with us helps me sleep at night.”

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