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A leading community engagement platform company needed an all-in-one HR solution to manage their far-reaching team and provide access to competitive benefits.

TriNet provides Hivebrite with the service, tools and access to benefits they need to successfully manage their team and scale to support their customers.

Hivebrite was founded in Paris after our CEO and founder Jean Hamon graduated from business school. He was really looking to be able to connect with his alumni, but he soon realized that the social networks out there just wasn't the type of community he was looking for. And so in 2015, Hivebrite was born. Hivebrite is a B2B SaaS online community platform. We power 900 organizations in 50 different countries. And our customer base is really comprised of corporations, nonprofits and associations, and alumni groups. These customers typically will use our platform for engagement, whatever impact that their client base may need, whether it's donating, events, fundraising, our platform can do it all.

At Hivebrite, we value community, diversity, and inclusion. And we really strongly believe in the power of community. We support each other. We help each other grow. We value collaboration and innovation, of course. We also value creativity and supporting employees to help push our product to the next level. Before TriNet, we were working with several different vendors and brokers, and it was under many different roofs. And what we really wanted to do is bring it all under one roof and have an all-in-one solution. We have 50 employees in the US. And within the US, we are in 13 different states. And so the compliance piece, maintaining a registered presence, and ensuring that we're up to par was really critical.

We decided to go with TriNet for many reasons. TriNet was able to offer an all-in-one solution whether it's compliance, payroll, or people-related, they were able to give that to us. It makes payroll easy to use. It makes time and attendance tracking really easy to use. In working with TriNet, we've been able to have access to a lot of different types of benefits. And it's not just medical, we've been able to have access to other programs like the Enrich Programs and the EAP programs. And having that access is really what's really set us apart as a small startup company to be able to compete at the same playing field as the larger tech companies out there. The TriNet team is easy to work with. They're very collaborative. They close the loop. Being able to proactively close the loop is something huge in terms of a customer service level that a lot of companies just don't provide. TriNet has been able to help us recruit and retain top talent in not just New York City where we have an office, but in all of the states that we're currently in, and we're still growing. As we scale, as a team, as a company, TriNet will be there to scale along with us.
TriNet was able to offer an all-in-one solution whether it's compliance, payroll, or people-related, they were able to give that to us.”
Connecting and engaging communities

Founded in 2015, Hivebrite is a B2B SaaS online community platform that allows organizations to engage with their client base. Their unique branded communities help organizations drive connections and engagement, whether fundraising for a nonprofit or planning an event for a business or association. The U.S. Hivebrite team spans 13 states, and the company as a whole powers over 900 organizations in 50 different countries.

With a widespread employee base, compliance and access to benefits were crucial for Hivebrite to successfully manage their team. TriNet offers the all-in-one PEO solution they need to handle compliance, payroll and people management, all in an easy-to-use platform. Plus, the access and support TriNet provides helps Hivebrite stand out in the competition for skilled talent. As they scale their U.S. operations, Hivebrite is confident that TriNet will be there to scale along with them.

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