Marketplace Perks

Access special employee discounts, plus the opportunity to add exposure for your company’s products and services.

Employee Discounts

Give your employees access to special discounts they’ll appreciate. Save on movie tickets, airline tickets, fitness classes, airline discounts, hotel stays and more. Get offers and special pricing on premium brands like AT&T, BloomNation and Hyatt. Look for products and services by searching categories and locations to take advantage of great deals.

Savings for Your Business

Big companies often have the clout and buying power for big discounts on vendors. With TriNet, you can take advantage of deals on everyday services and products like computers, books/training, office supplies and a variety of web services. We also have special pricing with vendors in your industry on anything from medical devices to help with reporting sales tax.

Increased Brand Awareness

Increase awareness of your company’s products and services by sharing your brand story with thousands of potential buyers on the Marketplace. This ready-made and vetted sales channel potentially reaches every business across our TriNet family and it’s free to join. Just create a short company profile, then submit your product or service offers to the Marketplace. (Advertising must comply with guidelines.)

We're all like a family here. I'm really happy to present all of the benefits and perks that we get through TriNet, so that they will stay employees for a long time.

Stephanie Flaminio
Chief Administrative Officer, AeroComputers, Inc.

We have a lot of perks that a small company would never be able to offer.

Jim Bennett
Owner, Jim Bennett's Plumbing

What I know is that [with TriNet] we're able to attract great candidates, and for me, that's very, very important.

Assaf Biderman
Founder & CEO, Superpedestrian