Employee Time & Scheduling

Advanced employee time tracking and simple scheduling tools that automatically sync with HR, Benefits, & Payroll software.

Time tracking simplified
Time and scheduling tool helps the burden of tracking employee work hours, from time entry to approval, and everything in between.
Flexible Reporting Methods
Our flexible reporting methods support multiple devices. Employees can record hours via computer, smartphone, or the TimeKeeper app and can assign their hours to specific project codes.
360-Degree Visibility
The product dashboard is your time-tracking center. See who clocks in and out in real-time, view a snapshot of hours worked each pay period, and access an audit log of modifications made to time entries. Our pay period timeline helps keep you informed of deadlines.
Effortlessly Integrated
Hours automatically sync across the platform and other TriNet software.

Simple Scheduling, so easy.

Time to ditch the spreadsheet. Our time tracking tool makes scheduling easy that you might even enjoy doing it.
Create and edit work shifts for your employees
Notify employees when a new schedule is created
Block out dates to work around employee schedules
Build schedules around roles or times
Monitor employee activity in real-time
Manage time off requests, syncing with our platform

Time & Scheduling, done.

Scheduling and tracking time for employees is simple and easy. Through real-time data of employee work hours, you can use your resources more effectively. Likewise, you can schedule and monitor freelancers and independent contractors to help keep an eye on resource use. Time off tools make it easy for you and your employees to submit, track and manage time off requests.

Clocking-in that fits your company.
Start Work Anywhere
Our desktop and mobile apps help your team track hours from anywhere –whether they’re remote, in the field, or at the office.
Record Clock-in Location
You can choose to record the location of where your employees clock in, getting visibility on your employees’ work location.
Dedicated Clock-in Terminal
Employees can punch in and out on premise using our app. Simply download the app on any smart tablet to get started.
Minimize Time Card Fraud
With time card fraud detection services like pictures taken at clock in, our tool helps you respond to possible time card fraud.
Understand your team’s activities through real-time reporting, including information on clock ins and outs, how many hours each project has accrued, and analytics on overtime pay.
Built-in Compliance
Get the tools you need to help keep your company compliant. Align rest and meal break requirements with your company’s policy.

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