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TriNet Announces New Product Features That Enhance the Competitive Edge for Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Technology additions provide flexibility and agility to manage a modern and diverse workforce

Dublin, CA —March 2, 2021 — TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resources solutions, today announced new product features to its full-service HR solution for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). Designed for an increasingly changing business landscape, these updates include a range of enhanced features to enable a more productive, equitable and inclusive workplace—including compensation benchmarking, mobile capabilities for administrators, reporting enhancements, and the ability for individuals to select pronoun and gender identity within the TriNet platform.

“SMBs are in the most dynamic part of our economy. Our goal is to help them lead in what the future workplace looks like,” said TriNet Vice President, Products & Transformation, Scott Harrington. “These latest product enhancements provide business leaders with the essential tools they need to foster equitable and inclusive teams while making it easier to manage those teams from wherever they are. We strive to keep our clients out in front during these rapidly changing times.”

TriNet understands the unique challenges SMBs face as they evolve to meet the demands of modern business. At the same time, business owners are hard-pressed for time and resources to stay on top of the overwhelming amount of HR challenges and opportunities they face. For this reason, TriNet has implemented data features into its new product rollout, including the Compensation Benchmark Report, which is powered by and available on the TriNet platform. With this tool, business leaders can feel confident they are offering equitable and competitive compensation for comparable jobs—helping attract and retain the right talent.

Additionally, for business leaders who desire enhanced visibility into their business data, Multi-Company Access allows them to combine and view data from multiple related entities so they can make informed decisions based on key insights.

It is also vital that organizations create a space where all employees feel they can bring their full selves to work and for those businesses to have technology that is reflective of that. The pronoun and gender identity enhancements on the TriNet platform are a step toward a more- inclusive workplace.

Additionally, enhancements to TriNet Mobile give administrators the ability to access employee data, including payroll, TriNet sponsored benefits and work details, so they can manage HR anytime, from anywhere.

TriNet Product Enhancements

  • Support SMBs in advancing their DE&I initiatives
    • Compensation Benchmark Report: Using better data alignment, smarter job matches and more accurate salaries, this self-service report delivers custom analytics so business owners can make more informed, equitable and competitive compensation decisions.
    • o Pronouns and Gender Identity: Individuals can access and update pronouns and gender identity, as well as select gender neutral forms of address, empowering employees to bring their full selves to work while enabling businesses to be more inclusive.
  • Simplify human capital management
    • Multi-Company Reporting Access: Users with appropriate access can generate consolidated reports with data from multiple related entities without manually logging into each entity, leading to more informed decision making.
    • Mobile Admin Capabilities: Designed to bring features that were only accessible through the TriNet platform to mobile. Administrators now have the convenience to access their employee HR information, including payroll and TriNet sponsored benefits – so they can manage HR on the go.

TriNet Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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