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With the Presidential Election Just Days Away, TriNet Survey Reveals Workers’ Feelings on the ACA

More workers are in favor of keeping the ACA than getting rid of it entirely

 SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – November 4, 2016 - A new survey released by TriNet (NYSE: TNET), a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, underscores how employees at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) feel about the current presidential election. Specifically, the TriNet survey gauged how employees at SMBs feel about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which of the two major candidates they think is doing a better job addressing their ACA concerns and how this will influence how they vote on November 8.[1]

Workers have mixed feelings about the ACA’s future

There were more respondents (25%) who do not want to see the ACA repealed than those (19%) who would like to see it go away. However, the majority of respondents (30%) want to keep the ACA, but would like to see it restructured.

Employee attitudes toward ACA effectiveness are generally positive

  • The ACA is good for U.S. employees, according to 46% of respondents. Not everyone feels this way, though – 21% don’t think it’s good for the country and 25% are unsure.
  • When it comes to ease of receiving personal health care benefits for themselves and their families, 19% of respondents find it easier with the ACA, while 14% find it more difficult. A whopping 42% of respondents, however, have noticed no difference in healthcare services since the ACA was implemented.

There is a clear candidate preference when it comes to ACA performance

While 37% of respondents think that Hillary Clinton is doing a better job than Donald Trump in addressing ACA concerns for SMBs, only 11% think that Trump is doing the better job. Nearly one-quarter of respondents (23%) think neither candidate is doing a good job of addressing ACA concerns for SMBs.

Many respondents will consider the ACA when voting

  • 35% of respondents said the ACA is a major or large factor in how they will vote in the election.
  • 25% said the ACA is a small factor in their voting decision.
  • 18% said the ACA does not factor into their vote at all.

Supporting Quotes

Sheryl Southwick, Executive Director, Benefits Compliance, TriNet

“Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has been a major issue for America’s employers, especially SMBs. The same goes for their employees. This election will potentially have a major impact on how the ACA will affect businesses and employees for at least the next four years. It is important that the new president acknowledges SMB needs when considering the ACA. Similarly, SMBs need to stay on top of ACA changes in order to not fall out of compliance. TriNet will continue to stay ahead of regulatory changes that our clients need to know.”

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[1] Survey conducted by TriNet between Oct 11-14, 2016, with 2,223 people responding. Respondents are  employees of TriNet client companies that have more than 50 worksite employees.

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