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Tallahassee, FL

High turnover of plumbing employees.

TriNet provides comprehensive benefit offerings that help recruit and retain top talent while driving high employee satisfaction.

Jim Bennett:
Our company started in 1969. We started with a borrowed 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck and no money, and we went in the plumbing business and the rest is history. My mission was then, and it's still today, is to serve my customers and never forget that the customer is the reason for my business.
Michele Johnston:
Sometimes in this type of work where it's labor-based, your plumbing employees circulate. So we were looking for a way to improve upon the things that we offer to the employees. And in going to TriNet, we were able to accomplish that. I'll have some of these employees come back and say, “Oh, so y'all are doing that now,” whether it's dental or whether it's vision or even those accidental type policies that cover them, those type of things that we may not have had the last time that their go-around was here, but they're here to stay with us now because TriNet has put them in place
Jim Bennett:
We have a 401K program and we have a lot of different perks, if you will, things that a small company would never be able to offer. TriNet's been a very, very good tool for us ‘cause so many small companies get in trouble with payroll taxes and we're able to take care of our payroll. We are able to take care of our taxes. It's a, it's a win-win for us.
Michele Johnston:
There are so many things that come up in human resources that you need a go-to place and TriNet has provided that. It just is so effective in a total package. TriNet's improving all the time is what I find and so because of that, Jim Bennett’s Plumbing is improving all the time. If you do things that are for the benefit of the company, it takes care of everything else. And I think TriNet has been a major tool in allowing that to happen so that we can direct our attention to important things that make Jim Bennett’s Plumbing what it is.
There are so many things that come up in human resources that you need a go-to place and TriNet has provided that. It is just so effective in a total package."

Jim Bennett’s Plumbing in Tallahassee, Florida, has evolved since 1969 into the area’s largest and best-known plumbing company. As a skilled tradesman with a flexible workforce, Bennett explains why TriNet is a very good tool for his company regarding payroll, payroll taxes, a 401(k) plan and employee perks that are out of reach for many small companies.

Secretary/Treasurer Michelle Johnston appreciates the total human resources package that TriNet provides, enabling Bennett’s Plumbing to focus on the excellent customer service they’re known for.

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