Easily create your employee handbook with this free template

An employee handbook is a great way to establish rules of conduct for your employees, ensuring a safe, healthy, and positive work environment for your whole organization. Having your policies in writing will make it easier to drive the vision of your organization, simplify HR tasks, and help with HR compliance and operations.

Use this free template to create an employee handbook for the whole company, or one tailored to the nuances of specific regions, division or departments.

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Get your team onboard and moving toward the same goal.

  • Reenforce your values and employee behavior to align with your organizational goals
  • Provide a self-service resource to answer repetitive questions, clarify HR policies and speed on-boarding
  • Assist in reducing the risk of HR disputes and drive operational excellence

Download our template, Building an Effective Employee Handbook, for tips and guidance on easily getting your first employee guide done.

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