Employee Onboarding Template

If you’re looking for help with your employee onboarding process, you’ve come to the right place. Our downloadable Employee Onboarding Template helps HR staff or managers and other teams in the organization with the onboarding process.

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You’ll get more than 25 PowerPoint slide templates, including:

  • New hire forms  
  • Manager check-in tasks for “the first 30 days” 
  • Email templates for internal communications 
  • 30 // 60 // 90 day employee onboarding plan template 
  • Lifecycle of an employee template 
  • Frameworks to help measure successful onboarding 

Fully customizable slides with: 

  • Your company’s logo, design, and aesthetic 
  • Your unique onboarding tasks 

Out-of-the-box templates: 

  • Slides are pre-loaded with onboarding best practices 
  • Edit the template and go! 

Successfully introducing new employees to their roles through structured and integrated onboarding is a key to help with employee productivity, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

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