HR for Startups

Starting a business is both risky and exciting. Focus on your goals and let the experts handle your very specific HR needs.


A Strong Network of HR Expertise—When You Need It

Handling HR on your own drains time away from your core business. Your business has thrived with the help of people who tackle your business’s day-to-day challenges head-on. To keep up the momentum, you need benefits, payroll and HR compliance handled correctly. Lean on TriNet, the HR advisor of choice for entrepreneurs to help build a strong foundation.


Lead More Effectively

You can’t work on your business if you are always working in your business. TriNet helps you, so you can focus on leading your company.


Build the Best Team

You need the right people to build a culture of performance. Compete for and retain the best and brightest with access to big-company benefits.


Mitigate Risk, Maximize Opportunity

Managing risk and leveraging opportunity are key. Get access to experts who can help you spot rewards and mitigate HR risks.

HR Is Tough. We Can Help.

HR is complicated, time consuming and high-stakes.
28% of small businesses grew in 2020—this climbed to 69% for PEO clients.*

To grow, you need time, resources and people. TriNet lets you take control of day-to-day operations with HR technology and an open line of communication to HR experts.

* NAPEO. Individual results may vary.

HR compliant
67% of surveyed customers said they gained access to greater benefits through TriNet.*

Offering competitive benefits helps you attract top talent while retaining your best. TriNet’s access to benefits lets you compete with the offerings of your biggest competitors.

* Tech Validate. Individual results may vary.

The U.S. Department of Labor enforces more than 180 federal laws.

We’re on top of them all. Know your business is HR compliant in every state you operate.

* Tech Validate

Voluntary turnover was 10.5% less than the national average for non-government employers using a PEO.

Building a team for success in the startup environment is challenging. TriNet can help you grow with access to benefits, help with HR compliance, expert guidance when needed and more.

* NAPEO. Individual results may vary.

Startups Start Growing With Great HR

We deliver full-service HR solutions to more than 14,000 small businesses. Get personalized HR support to keep your HR running smoothly and to help guide you as your company grows and evolves. Depend on a comprehensive, reliable HR platform with self-service and mobile tools so you can manage your HR and your time.

Resources to Jumpstart Your HR

Benefit packages: an essential tool for startup success

Benefit packages: an essential tool for startup success

Get Your HR in Gear With Our Startup Survival Guide

Get Your HR in Gear With Our Startup Survival Guide

Business success means keeping up with the times.

Business success means keeping up with the times.

Want to get more information on building effective HR?

Depend on us to help with your HR and your time.

With a comprehensive, reliable HR platform including self-service and mobile tools, you can manage your HR and your time. We know what it takes to attract the right people, mitigate risk and help with the HR unknowns, so you can focus on the work you are passionate about.

98% of surveyed customers reported considerable or moderate time savings working with TriNet.*

*TechValidate survey. Individual business results may vary.

TriNet really has been important in our growth and allowing management, allowing me, to worry about the things that are most important in our growth.
Charley Humbard
Founder and CEO, UP Entertainment
UP Entertainment

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