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TriNet Launches New Product to Address the HR Needs of Financial Services SMBs

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – Nov. 1, 2016 – TriNet (NYSE: TNET), a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, today introduced TriNet Financial Services, a product tailored to address the critical HR needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the Financial Services industry. Drawing on TriNet’s deep industry expertise and established market presence, TriNet Financial Services is an industry-specific HR solution that allows Financial Services firms to deliver a premier employee experience and manage a complex set of employment-related risks and regulations.

Key features of the TriNet Financial Services product include:

  • High-touch service model: Financial Services firms often require a significant time commitment from their employees. In turn, they want to provide their teams with a premier employment experience while minimizing time spent on outside distractions. TriNet Financial Services provides a high-touch service model that gives employees and their dependents direct access to a dedicated TriNet HR resource. This highly personalized service includes strategic HR guidance with talent management, compensation and employee engagement, as well as expert assistance with benefits, payroll and employment law compliance.
  • Top-tier employee benefits: A rich set of benefits is vital to offering a premier employee experience. TriNet Financial Services includes access to top-tier health plans through leading national and regional carriers. The product also delivers a 401(k) plan with flexible investment options and access to a variety of perks through TriNet such as discounts on deluxe gym memberships and mobile phone plans.
  • Support for partnerships and other entities: Financial Services firms frequently operate through partnership and LLC structures. TriNet Financial Services accommodates these different structures through its support of compensation for salaried employees and participating partners and members.
  • Risk & compliance management: Financial Services firms succeed based on their ability to earn the trust of their clients and few things threaten that more than risk and compliance issues. TriNet Financial Services helps companies manage a broad range of employer-related risks through prevention programs, insurance coverage and claims mitigation. To help prevent claims from occurring, TriNet Financial Services provides clients access to comprehensive resource libraries and training modules from nationally-recognized providers. The product also provides each client with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage to alleviate financial exposure arising out of employer-related claims. Moreover, if claims arise, TriNet Financial Services lifts administrative burdens and potential distraction caused by claims through live support to assist with claims management and resolution. In addition, a dedicated HR professional works with TriNet clients to provide HR advice to help navigate the increasingly complex HR compliance issues faced by Financial Services firms. 
  • Additional features: The TriNet Financial Services product includes capabilities, such as expense management, performance management and applicant tracking, to help manage talent and improve productivity. 

TriNet Financial Services is available for purchase immediately. Please call (888) 874-6388 or visit TriNet Financial Services for more information. 

Supporting Quotes

Michael Kianmahd, Vice President, Maxim Commercial Capital, LLC

“Smaller firms run across numerous challenges as they're growing and scaling. In particular, we found providing benefits to our employees to be a very complicated, expensive process. Dealing with HR was bogging us down. Then TriNet came in to provide health benefits and an employee management technology platform. Our company uses TriNet to help manage payroll as well as to provide our employees with benefits that are comparable to those offered by much larger companies. TriNet allows us to be able to dedicate our resources and precious time toward our business. Based on our experience, I recommend that all small and midsize financial firms consider TriNet Financial Services.” 

Jimmy Franzone, Vice President of Products and Corporate Development, TriNet 

“Through our experience and extensive market research with Financial Services firms, we learned a lot about the industry’s HR requirements. With those specifications in mind, we developed a full-featured product that delivers the comprehensive HR solution they need. TriNet Financial Services offers a dedicated HR resource, access to rich benefits, partnership support, risk mitigation and other features businesses in this industry desire.”

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