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TriNet Marketplace 2.0 Launches; New Features Let SMBs Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Possible Customers

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – April 20, 2015 – TriNet (NYSE: TNET), a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, today launched TriNet Marketplace 2.0. This unique shopping platform gives TriNet’s more-than-10,000 clients a direct, free and powerful sales channel to approximately 288,000 worksite employees of TriNet clients.[1] At the same time, these worksite employees can benefit from exclusive, pre-negotiated rates and discounts for top consumer brands and products.

Benefits for TriNet Clients

At TriNet Marketplace, companies can offer and sell their products to TriNet’s entire base of worksite employees. Marketplace also helps small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reduce their out-of-pocket costs by offering them attractive discounts on a broad range of professional goods and services, including travel, printing, marketing and much more.

Benefits for Employees of TriNet Clients

The employees of TriNet’s clients can shop for a broad array of consumer-focused promotions on TriNet Marketplace. Here, they can quickly find and buy quality goods and services, often at attractive discounts.

Examples of Benefits for TriNet Clients and Employees

  1. In 2014, a TriNet client needed to purchase 20 new Apple laptops. Using the TriNet Marketplace Apple promotion, they were able to save $207 per laptop, for a total savings of over $4,000.[2]
  2. The employee of a TriNet client based in New York decided to take her family of four on a vacation to Los Angeles. Using TriNet Marketplace, she was able to find deals on airfare, hotels, car rentals and several theme parks, including Disneyland and Six Flags. This employee was able to save over $650 on her five-day family getaway.[3]

Marketplace 2.0 continues and expands the best features of the original Marketplace offering. This includes offers of business and personal products from top brands, including Apple, Sprint, American Airlines, Hertz, Zendesk and Barkbox–as well as the ability for companies to build brand awareness, generate and track leads, customize their offerings and potentially increase sales revenue.

Upgrades in Marketplace 2.0 include:

  • Organized categories to separate business and personal usages:
    • A business marketplace where TriNet clients can promote their business via email marketing, featured offers and branded company pages.
    • A personal marketplace where employees of TriNet clients can shop by category, follow their favorite brands and save money.
  • Location-based offers that allow shoppers to find deals in their city.
  • Improved user interface designed to allow clients and employees to sell and purchase items more conveniently and efficiently.


Supporting Quote

Jason Langhoff, Executive Director, Corporate Development, TriNet HR

“TriNet Marketplace delivers multiple benefits for our clients and their employees. TriNet clients can promote their innovative products to literally hundreds of thousands of possible buyers and, at the same time, potentially improve their bottom line by saving on leading business products and services. In addition, their employees can shop for the hottest items on the market, often at significant cost-savings. We believe Marketplace 2.0 is a win-win for TriNet clients and their employees.”

Henry Sheng, Client Services Manager, RewardsPay

“TriNet’s Marketplace is a no-brainer. I get to promote RewardsPay to a large population of people I wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise, the discounted shopping is a nice benefit for my staff and customers can purchase products they want and need in a convenient way. Everyone is happy and it doesn’t cost me anything extra. There is no reason not to take advantage of this great offering.”


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[1] As of December 31, 2014

[2] Based on a comparison of the manufacturer’s online price at time of purchase

[3] Based on a comparison of respective advertised prices on business purveyors’ websites at time of purchase

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