Biodesix is a lung cancer diagnostic solutions company with a mission to improve patient care by providing physicians with immediate, actionable insights. They work alongside doctors from the early stages of a lung diagnosis through late-stage cancer to solve diagnostic challenges. The Boulder-based company is the first to offer five non-invasive, blood-based tests for patients with lung disease.

Although virus detection is not a focus of the company, Biodesix leaders felt compelled to leverage their technology and expertise to enter the fight against the devastating coronavirus pandemic. They are now testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 with highly-sensitive tests that will reduce false negative results, further helping to curb the spread. Biodesix can process 1,000 tests per day and provide results in as little as 48 hours with plans to expand if needed. The testing capacity of Biodesix addresses one of the main challenges hospitals face—test shortages and extensive delays in receiving results.

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