AeroComputers, Inc.

Kathleen Tarr, President


Need to find, keep and develop employees in an industry where intellectual capital is paramount.


TriNet provides an expansive, comprehensive benefits package to help hire and retain top talent.

We're all like a family here, so I'm really happy to present all of the benefits and perks that we get through TriNet so that they will stay employees for a long time.

AeroComputers, Inc., a computer systems company, provides industry-leading moving map mission systems that help safeguard people in the U.S. and all over the world. As President Kathleen Tarr says, the growing technology company’s employees are their most important asset and a strong reason they chose TriNet as their HR provider. Comprehensive employee benefits help AeroComputers attract and retain the quality employees they need. TriNet’s overall HR services help keep Kathleen and her executive team focused on growing their business.