Tom McKenna, CFO


HR department too overwhelmed with benefits administration to focus on talent management.


TriNet's full-service solution includes comprehensive benefit plans to help hire and retain top talent as well as free up HR staff to focus on strategic issues.

TriNet has enabled Aptima to enhance its total benefits package that has served to help attract the best and brightest workforce.

Aptima Can Focus on Talent Management Instead of HR Administration

Aptima was founded in 1995 with the sole intention to measure and improve human performance. With a mission to enhance the fit between humans and their challenging work environments, the company has become the market leader in human-centered engineering through the development and fielding of useful and innovative research products, technologies and services.

In 2017, Aptima merged with Milcord, a government technology firm. As a result of the transition, Aptima absorbed Milcord's employees and saw its workforce expand in a relatively short period of time. With a handful of remote employees in different states and a new headcount of 127, Aptima solidified its position as a midsize organization.

Around this time, executives realized that they were having trouble securing health benefits in numerous states. Benefits administration was soaking up much of their HR department's time, reducing the staff's ability to focus on talent management. It was clear that Aptima needed outside help in handling their burgeoning HR needs.

Better Benefits for Happier Employees

Aptima began a process of due diligence by researching available PEO options in the interest of freeing up time for its HR staff. With benefits as their core concern, Aptima found TriNet's group benefit plans and expanded offerings to be the perfect match for their employees. As Aptima continued to work with TriNet, it was evident that Aptima's employees approved of the decision.

"As you can imagine, there were lots of questions when Aptima first migrated to TriNet. Our folks are very vocal; if there were an issue, they wouldn't be shy in addressing it. We are happy to report that the questions from employees have been fewer and fewer since coming on board with TriNet," Aptima CFO Tom McKenna explains.

All-in-One HR Solution

Partnering with TriNet meant that Aptima effectively reduced the number of vendors handling HR tasks and streamlined their HR functions. Previously, the company had contracted with a payroll service, an insurance broker and a section 125 flexible spending account administrator. TriNet has simplified employee benefits administration for Aptima and removed the burden of having to deal with ongoing health care-related issues.

HR Staff Has Improved Focus

Aptima's employees are now more self-sufficient in selecting their benefits coverages and can make informed decisions about their coverage without overwhelming their HR department. Their HR staff can move forward with uncompromised focus on developing best practices to bolster its talent management process, an important function for the organization. TriNet's flexibility, convenience and variety of coverage empowers unique companies like Aptima to retain their valued employees and remain well-positioned for future growth.