Compass Working Capital

Crystal Murphy, Director of Finance & Administration


Nonprofit needed help with payroll, compliance, and the burden of HR tasks.


The TriNet full-service solution dramatically reduced time spent on HR tasks, delivered ROI and provided peace of mind to a one-person HR department.

In our first year with TriNet, we got ROI in less than six months.

Nonprofit Compass Working Capital Saves Time and Money with TriNet

Compass Working Capital (“Compass”) provides savings and financial coaching programs that empower working families with low incomes to build assets, achieve their financial goals and become more financially secure. The firm’s broader vision is to build a leading nonprofit financial services organization that promotes economic mobility and financial security for families with low incomes by influencing field-related practice and policy.

Like many nonprofits that face the challenges of fundraising, small budgets and busy employees, Compass found itself stretched for people and time.

Despite having a staff of 29 employees in and around Boston (plus three employees in three other states) Compass operates without the manpower to efficiently cover all of HR and payroll administration. Enter TriNet, which now handles those functions.

Expertise in all aspects of HR and peace of mind

Crystal Murphy, Director of Finance and Administration for Compass (and a one-person HR department), said she considers TriNet a huge resource, providing her with professional help on specific aspects of processing a payroll cycle or addressing an HR issue. TriNet also provides Compass with employee benefits they otherwise might not have access to, guidance on setting up leave policy, determining correct employee classifications, and tracking employee time.

TriNet has helped Murphy reduce the time she spends on human resources tasks to a “small fraction” of her day. The organization’s employees can go directly to TriNet to handle all their HR needs, which gives her even more time to do her job. For Murphy, the best things about working with TriNet are “time savings, monetary savings and peace of mind—that’s a huge deal.”

Robust ROI and Scalability for the Future

"In our first year with TriNet, we got ROI in less than six months," Murphy said, adding that the biggest advantage in using the full-service HR solution is the assurance that Compass payroll is correct.

“Our organization has grown” in the past year, she continued. “As we grow, our bandwidth gets stretched over more and more tasks. We don’t have to re-evaluate if payroll, etcetera, will scale because we know it will. TriNet is a long-term solution for us. We can keep using it in the future and it will grow with us.”