Professional Services

Future State

Kathy Krumpe, COO


Staying compliant with employer-related rules and regulations, reducing time spent on HR administration and the ability to offer an array of competitive benefit packages


TriNet delivers an all-in-one solution to help mitigate employer-related risk, streamline administrative tasks and attract skilled talent through comprehensive benefits.

[With TriNet], we can get better talent and we can do better work for our clients—and that is the ecosystem of professional services.

Future State is a purpose-driven, human-centered management consulting firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm helps organizations going through change by partnering with them to understand the barriers, obstacles and challenges that their workforce faces. Future State is able to focus on their clients by taking advantage of TriNet’s expertise in the complex world of HR and by leveraging a competitive benefits package to retain their top talent. CEO Shannon Adkins explains Future State’s mission and Kathy Kumpe, COO, discusses TriNet’s role in fulfilling it.