Joanna McFarland, Co-Founder & CEO


Partnering with multiple HR point solution providers proved more difficult with a growing headcount.


Full-service HR from TriNet provides management with external HR expertise while a variety of benefit options help engage and retain valuable employees.

We pride ourselves on doing right by our employees—TriNet lets us do that.

HopSkipDrive Gets the HR Momentum It Needs

In 2014, HopSkipDrive was founded in Los Angeles by three professionals who envisioned a safer way for fellow moms to transport their kids. Co-founders Joanna McFarland, Carolyn Yashari and Janelle McGlothlin worked tirelessly towards their mission to make families' lives less hectic by developing a secure and reliable ride service following federal (and mom-approved) safety standards. Through the HopSkipDrive mobile app, parents can schedule their kids' rides, get real-time updates and track their child during the ride.

A New Approach to HR

In the beginning, HopSkipDrive's small size enabled co-founder Carolyn Yashari to manage HR for the company by cobbling together different service providers. As HopSkipDrive expanded to 38 employees, Joanna and Carolyn recognized that they needed a more coherent solution for their growing HR needs. After deliberating over other PEO options, the co-founders chose TriNet as their go-to HR solution due to their confidence in full-service HR and the advantages it could offer to HopSkipDrive's employees.

Positive Feedback and Renewed Engagement

CEO Joanna McFarland attributes HopSkipDrive’s uptick in employee engagement and retention to TriNet’s benefits, as employees can choose from a multitude of health plans as well as exclusive perks and discounts found on TriNet Marketplace.

"We're on a mission to be a great place to work; that’s been important to us since day one. We pride ourselves on doing right by our employees—great benefits and everything else help us do that while we focus on growing our business," she explains. "We also regularly survey our team to measure different segments of what makes them happy at work and we’ve seen it increase since we’ve started working with TriNet."

Empowered by External HR Support

With TriNet now managing all facets of HR administration, HopSkipDrive has fully embraced the advantages of full-service HR. Their patchwork of HR vendors has been replaced with a single technology solution and mobile capabilities to streamline online processes for employees, and HopSkipDrive's co-founders can rely on a dedicated TriNet Human Capital Consultant and Client Services team to overcome any HR issues as they arise.