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Mayer Dallal

Managing Director

We felt that for our company, for our growth and for what we needed, the scales always pointed to TriNet.


Limited benefits combined with the challenges of being a multi-state employer weren’t conducive to recruiting top talent and driving business growth for the mortgage bank.


As a full-service HR solution, TriNet provides access to a breadth of employee benefits and support from HR compliance experts so there’s less stress over risks.

Company Size
20-99 Employees
Financial Services
Los Angeles, CA

A concierge mortgage service for self-employed Americans 

For self-employed Americans with a unique financial profile or without a traditional tax return, the journey to purchase a house, investment property or refinance a mortgage can be arduous. Enter MBANC, a boutique family-owned mortgage company that adheres to a different philosophy to support this clientele. They don’t believe in ‘no’ and have a passion for constructing deals. Through unique cash flow and bank statement analysis, they’re able to assemble a mortgage for those who wouldn’t normally qualify to receive one. “If you're making money, you have deposits and a down payment, there's got to be a way. It can't be impossible,” said Mayer Dallal, Managing Director at MBANC. 

Compared to other mortgage banks, MBANC is dedicated to providing a fun, safe mortgage journey for their clients and specializes in nonqualified mortgage loans. Managing these types of relationships requires a degree of white glove service. Big-brand banks typically analyze tax returns and use automated algorithms to approve mortgages whereas MBANC looks at borrowers as individuals and is more than willing to go the extra mile to help their customers obtain mortgages. 

Scanning the landscape for a comprehensive HR solution 

“My brother bought the bank in 2015 and there was no HR. It was one person doing everything. We realized immediately that that was going to be a problem— access to health benefits for us is a big thing,” said Mayer. With the policy they selected for the company after his family moved to California, his pregnant wife was unable to use their preferred healthcare provider and hospital to deliver. “That's when we realized that California is different than New York and we need to seek out someone who's not just going to handle payroll anymore. It has to be full composite HR services, health benefits and everything,” said Mayer. “So that's when we started really looking for a full-service solution for what we wanted to accomplish.” 

After comparing services provided by multiple HR solutions, “we felt that for our company, for our growth and for what we needed, the scales always pointed to TriNet,” said Mayer. The ability to offer access to attractive employee benefits also helps the mortgage bank compete for talent with the higher skill set that MBANC requires. “Having a vast selection of health benefit offerings is a selling tool for us because other companies only offer access to one or two different insurance carriers,” said Mayer. He appreciates the ability to tout an extensive employee benefits offering which also serves as a tool to reinforce employee satisfaction. “All of our employees have had a great experience. When I don't hear complaints, it means it's good!” acknowledged Mayer. Outsourcing the benefits administration is also a big advantage for Mayer. He’d rather have premium employees who are skilled at manual underwriting for mortgages, than hire a dedicated HR department to answer employees’ benefits questions and manage plan administration. 

An HR ally to help overcome multi-state employer challenges 

As an employer in California, MBANC must comply with some of the most protective and complex employment laws in the country. “It requires a lot of extra diligence that other states don’t necessarily require. TriNet has been a huge help for us,” said Mayer. TriNet HR experts help the mortgage bank stay on top of employment regulatory changes to help mitigate risk, so Mayer doesn’t need to spend time researching how to comply. 

To compound the employment law landscape, MBANC also has employees located in multiple states to service borrowers across the country. TriNet helps MBANC leadership understand the discrepancies in regulations between states which can include wages, benefits, paid leave, unemployment and the list goes on. “TriNet has always been great and responsive by answering the day-to-day questions and things that are needed. We're very happy,” said Mayer. To him, MBANC has most benefited from the ongoing HR and employment-related compliance guidance provided by TriNet. “To know that we have TriNet as an ally allows us to go into things without the worry and fear of ‘am I doing this right?’ or ‘am I doing this wrong?’” said Mayer. 

Bouncing back after a pandemic-induced shutdown 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nonqualified mortgage market came to a screeching halt—and as a result, so did MBANC. Their experience with furloughing and lay-offs proved especially difficult as the family-owned business takes pride in treating the entire team like family. “Because we laid off our whole staff, we had to basically regroup, retool, repurpose and go through all sorts of changes and discomfort,” said Mayer. “TriNet stepped in and guided us on exactly what to do, how to do it, what to say, what not to say. If we didn’t have TriNet, it could have been much worse. They were just great in the way it was handled—it was totally done with care and compassion.” MBANC is rebounding and in the process of re-assembling their team. and now, they rely upon TriNet experts for guidance during this reinstatement period. “We’re going to expand our state offerings, hire more loan officers, open more offices,” exclaimed Mayer. With TriNet, MBANC is confident that they will continue to have an HR solution with a strong core foundation to support their team and business needs.

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