Brian Carlson, Doctor

University Family Healthcare


Preminums were increasing every year.


Going with TriNet, they were able to have this off their plate and decrease costs.

TriNet was able to give us broader coverage options that other PEOs weren't able to do.

I love working here because I get to spend every day with patients. I get to share business with my father. I get to see him every day. University Family Healthcare was started by my father 15 years ago. We are a full service, primary care business. We have 18 employees that are all incredibly dedicated. We try to have a holistic approach to medicine. We look at the entire body; we're not just treating one disease state.

Our goal is to take care of people and these are really uncertain times for healthcare - premiums are going up; coverage is falling. We're having harder and harder times caring for patients as well as trying to run a small business. We used to do our own workman's comp and HR here in the office. We found that our premiums were increasing every year to the point where we looked elsewhere to see if there was help available and come to find out that by going with an HR company, we were able to have this taken off of our plate as well as decrease our costs.

We looked at multiple companies, but TriNet was able to give us broader coverage options that the other smaller companies weren't able to do. TriNet provides healthcare to our employees. TriNet also provides optional dental, covers our workman's comp for us. They do our payroll. They do all of our tax withholdings for Medicare and for Social Security. TriNet is an all-in-one for us. [music] TriNet's made it very simple for us to work with them. There's not a lot of complicated paperwork. Since TriNet is cloud-based, we're able to access them anywhere we can have access to the Internet. By taking some responsibilities off our plate, we are able to have more time to do paperwork, finish charting, as well as focus more on the patients.