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20-99 Employees

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New York, NY

A renowned brand needed an HR solution to help manage and support a growing multi-state team while aligning with their relationship-driven culture.

TriNet experts and technology provide the payroll compliance, access to competitive benefits and hands-on support Moleskine America needs to focus on expanding their core business.

TriNet offers a very good plan and access to benefits, even with employees in different states. Any time there’s a change in regulations or a new reminder to be aware of, TriNet makes sure I’m up to speed. It helps me a lot."
Unleashing the power of creativity

Moleskine is the successor of the legendary notebook used by artists and writers since the 19th century, including figures like Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. What began as the rebirth of the ultimate tool for creativity in 1997 in Milan, Italy has become a worldwide brand.

Established in 2006, with over 50 employees and seven unique store locations across the U.S., Moleskine America is committed to making a European tradition an American staple. With tools designed to inspire imagination and fuel creativity, from notebooks and journals to luggage and reading accessories, the brand celebrates talent, champions originality and cherishes long-term thinking.

Even with the rise of digital communication, Moleskine remains an essential tool for expression. Whether it’s art, storytelling or even bullet-journaling, people are unleashing their creativity with Moleskine. As Guiseppe Rizzo, President of Moleskine America, notes “Moleskine is not just a notebook, Moleskine is the book yet to be written”.

As an employee and as an administrator, I really enjoy that there is always someone helpful, personable and resourceful at TriNet to help answer questions."
Finding a comprehensive HR solution that was a cultural fit

In early 2020, Moleskine America joined TriNet after an extensive search for a new full-service HR solution provider with access to industry-leading benefits and technology that also aligned with their relationship-oriented, second-family culture. They had previously worked with another PEO but were frustrated with the impersonal nature of the relationship.

In partnering with TriNet, Moleskine America found a cultural ally that helped them to manage a complex workforce spanning multiple states. Guiseppe emphasizes the importance of the relationship they have with TriNet, with responsive, expert support whenever they need it, plus a user-friendly platform.

TriNet went beyond processes and procedures to provide Moleskine America with the support they needed. Plus, with TriNet, Moleskine America can offer their employees access to a range of attractive benefits. Guiseppe notes that the access to a wide array of benefits allows them to support and manage a diverse workforce of over 50 people across several different states.

Taking note of powerful TriNet Technology

The team at Moleskine America appreciates the comprehensive and easy-to-use TriNet technology platform. “Even though I missed the training, I was able to use the platform right away. It was very intuitive. I did everything by myself. It was very easy,” said Guiseppe. He also values the HR insights provided by Workforce Analytics, TriNet's reporting and analytics tool, noting that it helps him forecast trends for his business as the company grows.

Preparing for the future

Moleskine continues to rely on TriNet as a trusted ally as they navigate different state regulations and their everyday HR needs. They have their eyes firmly on the future, targeting growth to develop the Moleskine brand’s relevance throughout the Americas. With this growth, Guiseppe anticipates a need to continue to expand their dynamic team to manage new channels and logistics and plans to depend on TriNet's full-service HR solutions moving forward. "TriNet's going to be crucial in our growth because we need a reliable system and a reliable partner."

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