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A new business committed to modernizing the wealth management experience needed intuitive operations technology that could scale with them.

TriNet HR Platform provides Ryleigh Wealth Management with the technology they need to automate and support operations with easy access for their growing team.

The simplicity of TriNet HR Platform’s payroll system gives me confidence and more time. I can’t think of another payroll system that is that easy!"
Modernizing personal investment

Ryleigh Wealth Management was founded in September 2020 by Derrick Jackson, an experienced wealth manager looking to establish and grow his own practice for supporting personal wealth goals. In the midst of the pandemic, they adapted the standard in-person industry approach to meet their clients’ needs while prioritizing flexibility and the well-being of their team.

Intuitive technology from day one

From the beginning, having an operations system that was intuitive, accessible from anywhere, and could grow with them was a priority for Ryleigh Wealth Management. Roxanne Kirk, Operations Manager, had previous experience with TriNet HR Platform and knew she could count on both the technology and the support team to meet the burgeoning business’ needs.

Wealth management has traditionally conducted business through in-person meetings and printed and signed forms. But, with the pandemic, Ryleigh Wealth Management was primed to transition the way of doing things, making their services more convenient and more flexible with e-signatures, Zoom meetings and more.

This new way of doing things required building out an operations infrastructure that could support it. With TriNet HR Platform, Roxanne was able to centralize record-keeping and streamline processes and get support with HR compliance, all while working remotely.

We wear a lot of hats. When it comes to HR and Payroll, now it’s just done with TriNet HR Platform. Now, we need to plan for business growth so will lean on TriNet HR Platform to ensure a single automated source for all of our documentation, policies, onboarding flow…and more.”
Professional and accessible resources

Ryleigh Wealth Management continues to leverage the powerful TriNet HR Platform resources, including the employee handbook builder, the process took only 20 minutes rather than weeks of manual work. They also enjoy the ease and support with compliance aspects of the time and attendance features and the simplicity of and integrations with payroll.

“TriNet HR Platform Payroll is integrated with Xero and it saves me so much time. As we add more people, accounting will get more complicated too, so payroll is one less thing I’ll have to worry about,” says Roxanne.

Plus, the mobile app capabilities help keep everyone connected. “Now that we have employees able to click in and out on their phones, I don’t think we’ll ever go back!” With a growing team, Roxanne notes, “As we bring on new advisors, TriNet HR Platform will give them a great first impression of our professionalism, which is invaluable.”

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