Healthcare costs are SMB’s #1 concern. Get advice that can help.

Steadily rising premiums can often restrain innovation and growth for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). So, what can SMBs do to continue to offer big-company benefits without breaking the bank…and how can a PEO help?

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Learn about new healthcare trends SMBs can use.


  • How to access large company benefits without breaking the bank
  • Which copay model saves SMBs the most money
  • How to incentivize employees to help bring down health costs
  • How a PEO can help with lowering healthcare costs

Download our eGuide, Rising Health Costs: How SMBs are Bending the Healthcare Premium Curve.

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“TriNet has helped us not only keep our costs down and the costs we pass on to our employees, but also being able to provide them with a real choice on a dozen different plans that they can choose from.”

Tori Lyon, CEO
Jericho Project

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