Employment Practices Risk Management

Protect your business at every step.

Safeguard Against Employment Claims

Employment-related claims are an unfortunate hazard of being a company. Even businesses with fewer than 100 employees can expect an employment practices claim every three years on average.1 And defending a claim, even when baseless, is never painless—or cost-free. In fact, the average settlement award is over $250,000, and average judgments are upwards of $450,000.2 But with TriNet on your side, our comprehensive program can help you prevent, cover and mitigate claims.

1 Spotlight on the U.S. Employer Practices Liability Insurance Market, Advisen Ltd., Sept. 2014.

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Claims Prevention

Our HR team offers a wide range of education and the best practices to limit your chances of a claim. This includes personalized guidance that draws from our extensive experience, as well as robust self-service resources that include access to an online reference library.

What this means to you:

Avoid claims through personalized guidance on best practices for performance, discipline and terminations

    Review potential issues or concerns

    Prepare summaries of HR issues and provide best practice recommendations

    TriNet Reference Library

    With easy access on the TriNet platform, you get up-to-date resources including:

    • Web-based training modules
    • State-specific HR forms
    • Employment policies, handbooks and supplements
    • Employment law resources and legal updates

    Claims Coverage

    With approximately 90,000 discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) every year,1 it’s important for every business to have claims coverage. In the event of a claim, TriNet not only limits your exposure with employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), but also helps manage the process for you.

    Features include:

    • Streamlined claims reporting
    • Coordination and management of any carrier coverage issues
    • Access a legal hotline for employment law questions

      1 EEOC website, accessed November 2016.

      Claims Mitigation

      Defending a claim, even if unfounded, takes time and energy to understand the legal nuances and build an effective case. That’s where TriNet’s legal team comes in. We help manage hundreds of claims every year and can make a powerful impact on results. In fact, cases managed by our legal team result in average costs that are 90% lower than the national average.

      TriNet’s legal team will:

      • Manage case progress and resolution, including discovery and settlement assistance
      • Coordinate insurance coverage and outside counsel, when necessary
      • Review invoices and direct payments to be made by the appropriate designee

      Outside counsel offers representation for mediation, demand letters and responding to agency charges. We’ve negotiated competitive rates with flat fees and caps that count toward your deductible.

      There are so many things that come up in human resources that you need a go-to place and TriNet has provided that. It is just so effective in a total package.

      Jim Bennett
      Owner, Jim Bennett's Plumbing

      When you have a company [like TriNet] that can back you up and consistently train you on different things, it reassures you.

      Lisa Cleter
      Director of HR, D&B Tiles