TriNet Colleague Referrals

As a TriNet colleague, you can share TriNet through client referrals as well as your own referrals.

It's fast and easy

Just fill out and submit the form
Then let your referral know we’ll be contacting them
When they sign up for TriNet, you’ll earn a cash reward!

You’ll be rewarded based on the company’s size.


5 to 19 worksite employees


20 to 49 worksite employees


50 to 99 worksite employees


100+ worksite employees

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Tell us about your referral.

TriNet colleagues may no longer specify a preferred sales consultant for their referrals to ensure compliance with rules of engagement.
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If this referral is on behalf of a current TriNet client, tell us whom to reward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in the TriNet Referral Program?
  • What kind of company makes a good referral?
  • How and when do I receive payment on referrals?
  • I have additional questions on the program, or I’m having trouble submitting my referral. Who should I contact?
  • Terms and Conditions