Year End Guide for HR Managers

If you work in an HR department— and the end-of-year seems like a hectic time — this guide is here to help you. Learn about 7 tricky year-end scenarios and insight on how to address them and help keep the details organized this year. 

The checklist is fully editable. This means you can change tasks to match your unique onboarding processes and branding. 

Don’t miss a beat — download your checklist today! 

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Keep the details organized and do it all in style.

The end of the year is a overwhelming time for HR leaders. Between open enrollment, end-of-year reports, challenging holiday scheduling, and trying to keep employee morale high…it can feel like…a lot. 

We asked our in-house HR experts what are some of the challenging scenarios they may encounter at year-end, and insights on how to address them. 

Gain access to their insights in this free year-end guide on these seven scenarios: 

  • Administering bonus checks to remote workers 
  • Engaging remote employees in company holiday functions 
  • Communicating to employees using encrypted emails 
  • Questions to consider asking to employees in year-end engagement survey 
  • Recruiting during year-end   
  • New benefit offerings to consider for the new plan year 
  • Goal setting with employees for the new year 
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